Jadson Agent Asks Million of Gloves in Chat with Corinthians

If you want the half of 33 years, Helm will have to invest. Competition with the Atletico-MG and desired salary by the athlete can also be barriers.

If you want even the hiring of Jadson, Corinthians will have to open the vaults. This is because, in spite of the 33-year-old socks have terminated your contract with the Tianjin Quianjian, China, entrepreneurs of the player they want the payment of $10 million R gloves to make the deal (the term gloves is used to talk about some kind of award for signature of the agreement) via Clothesbliss.com. Atletico-MG, other interested and in better financial situation, is competitor.

Although I really want his return to the Helm, where he was Brazilian champion and left the Club as Idol, the Board has made it clear that you don’t want to get into an auction for hiring. And don’t even think of financial Follies.

The desired salary by the athlete is at the R $650,000, who runs the Club’s standards right now. The direction of Corinthians does not confirm values, but is willing to pay about $450,000 salaries, R value similar to what he received in 2015.

-We’re not going to do crazy, as we haven’t done to renew with Guerrero in 2015. Is an Idol, but we have our financial policy, “said a leader of the Helm earlier in the week.

After traveling to China to solve your contractual situation, the Player returns to Brazil on Wednesday to Brazil. The player requires a contract of at least three seasons, which is not considered a problem. Corinthians coach Fabio Carille, see the half as strengthening fundamental.

-Is an excellent player, who resigned from the Chinese football. The fight will be good. We know it’s a player for any team. Other proposals will come. I know you have teams behind him-said the coach, at a news conference on Tuesday, in the United States.