Interstate 90 in Wyoming

Get started Ranchester
End Beulah
Length 209 mi
Length 336 km
Montana1 Parkman

9 Ranchester

14 Monarch

16 Monarch Road

20 Sheridan

23 Sheridan

25 Sheridan

33 Meade Creek Road

37 Banner

44 Story

47 Shell Creek Road

51 Lake Ridge Road

53 Rock Creek Road

56 → Casper

58 Buffalo

65 Red Hills Road

73 Crazy Woman Creek

77 Schoonover Road

82 Indian Creek Road

88 Upper Powder River Road

91 Dead Horse Creek Road

102 Buffalo Cut Across Road

106 Barlow Road

113 Wild Horse Road

116 Force Road

124 Gillette

126 Gillette

128 Gillette

129 Garner Lake Road

132 American Road

141 Adon Road

153 Moorcroft

154 Moorcroft

160 Wind Creek Road

165 Pine Ridge Road

172 Inyan Kara Creek Road

178 Coal Divide Road

185 Sundance

189 Sundance

191 Mosque Road

199 Aladdin

205 Beulah Redwater Road

South Dakota

Interstate 90 or I -90 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Wyoming. The highway runs through the northeast of the state, following a southerly first, then an easterly direction. There are no major cities on the route, between Spokane in Washington and Sioux Falls in South Dakota there is no less than 2000 kilometers without a city with more than a hundred thousand inhabitants. The landscape in the state is desolate, with the so-called badlands, and few agricultural areas. The first 100 kilometers along the route there are still mountains visible to the west, but in the east there are less height differences. The highway is above 1000 meters in the entire state. The trail in Wyoming is 236 miles long. There is one node.

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Travel directions

I-90 at the interchange with I-25 at Buffalo.

The I-90 overlooking the Bighorn Mountains.

Interstate 90 in Montana crosses the Wyoming border just north of the village of Ranchesterabout. The landscape is bare, there are no trees, only vast prairies with not too great differences in height. You drive through the so-called Badlands, wild landscape with low steep eroded hills that are not fertile and sometimes form a labyrinth in the landscape. The route is lonely, because there are no larger towns, there is little traffic. There are posts along the road that can indicate the course of the road in times of snow storms. The highway runs parallel to the Bighorn Mountains, which reach up to 4,000 meters, but the landscape immediately around the highway is fairly flat. Pretty soon after the border you pass Sheridan, with 16,000 inhabitants the second largest city on the route, and the largest town within 100 miles. At Buffalo, the only interchange in the state follows, with Interstate 25, leading south to Casper, Cheyenne and on to Denver in Colorado.

The node is spacious, like a 3-level stack node. From here, I-90 turns a little more east toward South Dakota. The route is lonely, here only 4000 vehicles drive per day. If there are any exits, they lead to nothing. Over 110 kilometers you will not find a single place. Every now and then one comes across a ghost town, an abandoned village. After 200 kilometers you pass Gillette, with 20,000 inhabitants the largest town on the route in Wyoming. East of Gillette you pass through a slightly more inhabited world, with the occasional village and exits. Just north of Moorcroft, the Devils Tower is visible, a landmark in the landscape. A little further on one encounters forests for the first time. Yet these forests are quickly left behind, and east of the village of Sundance you pass a strange round mountain, a striking point on the route. At the height of the village of Beulah, Interstate 90 enters South Dakota further.

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The history of I-90 in Wyoming is quite varied. The section between Sheridan and Gillette was opened to traffic between 1961 and 1968, as was a section around Moorcroft in 1963 and 1967. The other sections were mainly constructed in the 1970s, for example the section between Gillette and Moorcroft was opened between 1972 and 1976 and the portion from Moorcroft to the South Dakota border between 1973 and 1978. The last section of I-90 opened in 1985 between the Montana border and Ranchester. This was the last Interstate Highway to open in Wyoming, and its opening coincided with the opening of I-90 in Montana.

Opening history

“Exit” should sometimes be read as “milepost” when the exit does not exist.

From Unpleasant Length Date
Exit 15 Exit 22 11 km 09-1961
Exit 22 Exit 26 6 km 07-1962
exit 56 Exit 121 105 km 10-1962
Exit 51 exit 56 8 km 10-1963
Exit 155 Exit 186 50 km 10-1963
Exit 44 Exit 51 11 km 11-1965
Exit 153 Exit 155 3 km 04-1967
Exit 26 Exit 44 29 km 12-1968
Exit 145 Exit 153 13 km 08-1972
Exit 186 Exit 190 6 km 02-1973
Exit 121 Exit 125 6 km 09-1973
Exit 138 Exit 145 11 km 10-1976
Exit 190 Exit 195 8 km 10-1976
Exit 125 Exit 138 21 km 11-1976
Exit 195 Exit 201 10 km 06-1978
Exit 201 Exit 206 8 km 10-1978
Exit 10 Exit 15 8 km 11-1983
exit 0 Exit 10 16 km 10-1985

Traffic intensities

Exit Location 2009 2013
Exit 9 Ranchester 3,700 6.600
exit 56 buffalo 6.800 2,200
Exit 122 Gillette 5,000 4,400
exit 128 Gillette 7,700 2,900
Exit 205 South Dakota state line 5,600 5,800

Interstate 90 in Wyoming

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