Interstate 64 in Indiana


Begin Griffin
End New Albany
Length 123 mi
Length 198 km
  • 4 Griffin
  • 12 Poseyville
  • 18 Cynthiana
  • 25 Haubstadt
  • 29 → Evansville / Indianapolis
  • 39 Lynnville
  • 54 Holland
  • 57 Dale
  • 63 Ferdinand
  • 72 Birdseye
  • 79 Tell City
  • 86 English
  • 92 Leavenworth
  • 105 Corydon
  • 113 Lanesville
  • 118 Georgetown
  • 119 → Galena
  • 121 → Indianapolis
  • 123 New Albany
  • Sherman Minton Bridge
  • Kentucky

Interstate 64 or I -64 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Indiana. The highway forms an east-west connection in the south of the state, from Griffin on the Illinois border through Evansville to New Albany, a suburb of Louisville, on the border with Kentucky. The highway is 198 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

The Sherman Minton Bridge over the Ohio River near New Albany.

With 2×2 lanes, Interstate 64 in Illinois at Griffin crosses the Wabash River, the border river between Indiana and Illinois. It passes through the plains of southern Indiana, consisting mainly of agricultural areas with the occasional forest. One soon reaches the town of Evansville, a town of 122,000 inhabitants, located about 15 kilometers south of I-64. Here you first cross the US 41 via a cloverleaf, a multi-lane main road that runs from Evansville via Vincennes to Terre Haute. Not far after that, one crosses Interstate 164, the connecting highway to Evansville. This may be the future Interstate 69, from Indianapolis to Houston.

The area through which the I-64 runs is gradually becoming more sloping. Many places of interest are not on the route, most places are small villages. At the village of Dale, one crosses US 231, a highway from Owensboro, Kentucky, to central western Indiana. One then reaches the Hoosier National Forest, a wooded and hilly area. About 45 kilometers later you reach the agglomeration of Louisville. The main suburb in Indiana is New Albany, which has a population of 38,000. One first crosses Interstate 265, the northern beltway. After that, 2×3 lanes will be available, and I-64 will cross the Ohio River to Kentucky via the double-deck Sherman Minton Bridge. Interstate 64 in Kentucky then entersLouisville, and continues on to Lexington.

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I-64 at Leavenworth.

I-64’s predecessor was US 460, which also passed through Indiana between 1947 and 1977. Construction of I-64 was not a top priority when the Interstate Highways program unfolded in 1956. The only early opening was the Sherman Minton Bridge over the Ohio River on the Kentucky border, which opened in 1961. It was not until 1965 that I-64 appeared on the Indiana state highway map as a planned route for the first time.

In 1968 or 1969, the first two sections opened west of Evansville and near New Albany, followed by the section to the Illinois border in about 1970. Most of I-64 was built during the 1970s and I-64 was the last of the originally planned Interstate Highways to be built in Indiana. Construction progressed throughout the 1970s from Evansville east and New Albany west, about 1977 the last missing section opened in rural Indiana. That was also the year that US 460 was scrapped west of Frankfort, Kentucky.

Opening history

van nasty length datum
Exit 123 New Albany Kentucky state line 1 km 22-12-1961
Exit 18 Armstrong Exit 25 Evansville (US 41) 12 km 00-00-1969
Exit 118 Georgetown Exit 123 New Albany 8 km 00-00-1969
Illinois state line Exit 18 Armstrong 29 km 00-00-1970
Exit 25 Evansville (US 41) Exit 29 Evansville (SR-57) 6 km 00-00-1972
Exit 113 Lanesville Exit 118 Georgetown 8 km 00-00-1972
Exit 29 Evansville (SR-57) Exit 39 Boonville 16 km 00-00-1974
Exit 105 Corydon Exit 113 Lanesville 13 km 00-00-1974
Exit 39 Boonville Exit 57 Dale (US 231) 29 km 00-00-1976
Exit 86 Sulphur Exit 105 Corydon 31 km 00-00-1976
Exit 57 Dale (US 231) Exit 86 Sulphur 47 km 00-00-1977

Traffic intensities

The highway is not exactly busy, and the intensities are quite stable between 12,000 and 20,000 vehicles per day. From New Albany alone, this rises to 95,000 vehicles at the Ohio Bridge.

Lane Configuration

Van Unpleasant Lanes Comments
Exit 0 Exit 118 2×2
Exit 118 Exit 123 2×3 Louisville

Interstate 64 in Indiana

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