Interstate 430 and 440 in Arkansas

Interstate 430 in Arkansas

Get started Alexander
End Oak Grove
Length 13 mi
Length 21 km
→ Texarkana / Little Rock1 Stagecoach Road

4 Colonel Glenn Road

5 Shackleford Road

6 → Little Rock

8 Rodney Parham Road

9 Cantrell Road

12 Crystal Hill Road

13 → Fort Smith / Memphis

Interstate 430 or I -430 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Arkansas. The highway forms the western bypass of the state capital Little Rock. The route runs from I-30 to I-40 and is 13 miles long.

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Travel directions

I-430 forms the western bypass of Little Rock, the capital of Arkansas. The highway runs north-south along the west side of town, from I-30 to I-40. The entire highway has 2×3 lanes, has a junction halfway with Interstate 630 and crosses the Arkansas River via a bridge. It is the westernmost bridge over the river at Little Rock.

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Early plans for the Interstate Highway system already envisioned a western bypass of Little Rock connecting I-30 to I-40. The highway was built a little later than the I-30 and I-40, and was opened to traffic in 1975-1976.

Between 2009 and 2015, the ‘Big Rock Interchange’ between I-430 and I-630 was reconstructed. Originally a cloverleaf with no shunting lanes, it features a dive-under for traffic from Financial Center Parkway to I-630, as well as four flyovers for traffic between the two freeways. The work was completed on 8 July 2015. In 2015-2016, the flyovers of the interchange with I-40 were replaced by two-lane flyovers. This coincided with the widening of I-40 between Maumelle and Little Rock.

In October 2019, plans were announced for a rush hour lane on the bridge over the Arkansas River.

Opening history

from nasty length date
Exit 8 Rodney Parham Road Exit 13 I-40 8 km 1975
Exit 0 I-30 Exit 8 Rodney Parham Road 13 km 1976

Traffic intensities

The highway handles quite a bit of traffic, usually between 75,000 and 96,000 vehicles per day. Because 2×3 lanes are available, this does not lead to congestion.

Lane Configuration

From Unpleasant Lanes
exit 0 Exit 1 2×2
Exit 1 Exit 5 2×3
Exit 5 exit 8 2×4
exit 8 exit 13 2×3

Interstate 440 in Arkansas

Begin Little Rock
End Little Rock
Length 10 mi
Length 16 km
→ Texarkana / Pine Bluff1 Springer Boulevard

3 Little Rock Airport

4 Lindsey Road

5 Dam Pike Fork

Arkansas River


8 Faulkner Lake Road


11 → Fort Smith / Memphis

Interstate 440 or I -440 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Arkansas. The highway forms the eastern bypass of the state capital Little Rock, and runs from I-30 to I-40. The route is 16 kilometers long.

Travel directions

The highway begins on the south side of Little Rock at a major interchange with Interstate 30 and Interstate 530. I-30 comes here from Dallas and Texarkana, turning north here, while I-440 continues straight east. Heading south, I-530 heads toward Pine Bluff. I-440 has 2×3 lanes here and serves the city’s airport. On the east side of Little Rock, the highway crosses the 700-foot-wide Arkansas River with a bridge, then turns north. I-440 then ends at the interchange with Interstate 40. SR-440 then continues straight north, while I-40 from Little Rock to Memphis goes east.


I-440 was the last Interstate Highway built at Little Rock. It is primarily intended as a bypass for through east-west traffic from I-30 to I-40, so that the truck flow from Dallas to Memphis does not have to go through downtown. I-440 opened in two phases in 1982 and 1983, the last of which opened the bridge over the Arkansas River.

The extension, State Route 440 from I-40 north to US 67, was under construction around 1994 to State Route 161, this section likely opened around 1996, although the interchange with US 67 was not opened until 2003.

Opening history

van nasty length datum
Exit 1A I-30 Exit 5 Fourche Dam Pike 8 km 1982
Exit 7 US 165 Exit 11 I-40 6 km 1982
Exit 5 Fourche Dam Pike Exit 7 US 165 3 km 1983


The I-440 may in the future together with the Interstate 430 form a complete ring around Little Rock, of which the SR-440 was already built in 2003.

Traffic intensities

I-440 is not very busy, with between 72,000 and 48,000 vehicles per day. Because 2×3 lanes are available, this does not lead to congestion.

Interstate 440 in Arkansas

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