Interstate 215 in Nevada


Begin Henderson
End North Las Vegas
Length 53 mi
Length 85 km
  • 1 → Las Vegas / Phoenix2 Gibson Road
  • 3 Valle Verde Drive
  • 5 Green Valley Parkway
  • 6 Saint Rose Parkway
  • 7 Eastern Avenue
  • 8 Windmill Lane
  • 9 Warm Springs Road
  • 10 Sunset Road
  • 11 Las Vegas Boulevard
  • 12 → Los Angeles / Salt Lake City
  • 13 Decatur Blvd
  • 14 Jones Boulevard
  • 15 Rainbow Boulevard
  • 16 Buffalo Drive
  • 17 Durango Drive
  • 18 Sunset Road
  • 19 Russell Road
  • 20 Tropicana Avenue
  • 21 Flamingo Road
  • 23 Town Center Drive
  • 25 Sahara Avenue
  • 26 Charleston Boulevard
  • 27 Far Hills Avenue
  • 28 Summerlin Parkway
  • 29 Lake Mead Boulevard
  • 30 Cheyenne Avenue
  • 32 Lone Mountain Road
  • 33 Ann Road
  • 35 Hualapai Way
  • 37 Durango Drive
  • 38
  • 40 Jones Boulevard
  • 41 Decatur Boulevard
  • 43 Aliante Parkway
  • 45 Revere Street
  • 46 5th Street
  • 47 Losee Road
  • 48 Pecos Road
  • 49 Lamb Road
  • 53

Interstate 215 or I -215 is an Interstate Highway in the US state of Nevada. The highway forms a beltway around the city of Las Vegas, and is also known as Clark County Highway 215 ( CC 215 ). The road is known as the Bruce Woodbury Beltway and is 85 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

I-215 in southwest Las Vegas.

I-215 and County Road 215 form a three-quarter ring around the south, west, and north sides of Las Vegas. I-215 begins at Henderson at an interchange with Interstate 11 and then heads west through the southern suburbs of Las Vegas. The route to McCarran International Airport has 2×3 lanes. There are 2×5 lanes of traffic between the McCarran International Airport and the Interstate 15 interchange.

West of I-15, I-215 counts 2×4 lanes but narrows quickly to 2×3 lanes. The highway here leads west through the large suburb Enterprise and around the suburbs Spring Valley. The highway then curves north to pass through the western edge of the Las Vegas region. The highway has 2×3 lanes here and runs through the suburb Summerlin South. The Summerlin Parkway connects to the west of Las Vegas. To the west are barren mountains, but I-215 is mainly through flat terrain.

In northwest Las Vegas, the highway curves east. Here the highway has 2×3 lanes and has a junction with US 95. The highway leads through the northern suburbs and has an even exit to the underlying road network, which consists of large urban arterials. The highway eventually ends at Las Vegas Motor Speedway at a junction with Interstate 15.

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Road management

Clark County Highway 215.

Most of Interstate 215 is in Clark County administration. Only 7 kilometers is under the control of the Nevada Department of Transportation, although a significantly longer portion of the beltway has Interstate Highway status. NDOT operates two sections of I-215, between I-515 and Stephanie Street and between I-15 and Warm Springs Road. The remaining 63 miles is in Clark County administration.

On the other hand, not the entire route is signposted as I-215. About 11 miles is signposted as I-215, between I-515 in Henderson and I-15 in south Las Vegas. The rest of the beltway is signposted as Clark County Highway 215, in anticipation of a later upgrade to Interstate Highway. Several parts of the county road have been developed as a freeway, but not everywhere. It was the first time in the United States that a county was responsible for financing and constructing an Interstate Highway, normally these roads are largely funded by the federal government or the state.


Most of the Beltway will be built using local funding, rather than federal funding, which will help accelerate construction. I-215 was assigned to the entire highway up to US 95 in 1993, but most of it is a county road. It wasn’t until 1996 that the first section of the interstate opened between I-15 and McCarran International Airport on the south side of Las Vegas. In 1999, the southern ring road was completed ahead of schedule. In 2003 the entire ring road was completed, although the northern part consisted only of frontage roads and is not yet grade-separated. In 2017, the second carriageway opened at Durango Drive.

Between 2015 and 2018, the northwestern part of the route was expanded into a freeway, between Craig Road and Hualapapai Way over a length of 6 kilometers. Work started on September 10, 2015, this part was put into use on May 1 and 2, 2018.

Work began on July 23, 2018 to build grade-separated connections at Losee Road, Pecos Road and Lamb Boulevard in northeast Las Vegas. The connection with Losee Road opened on March 3, 2020. The project was formally completed on August 6, 2020 with the opening of the connections to Pecos Road and Lamb Boulevard, transforming the entire northern ring road into a freeway.


In 2008, a small stretch between I-15 and Decatur Boulevard south of Las Vegas was widened to 2×4 lanes. Around 2012, a 5.5-kilometer section between Windmill Lane and I-15 was widened from 2×3 to 2×4 to 2×5 lanes. In 2019, a 12-mile section southwest of Las Vegas was widened from 2×3 to 2×4 lanes between Decatur Boulevard and Tropicana Avenue. In 2020-2021, a 4-kilometer section in Henderson between Pecos Road and Windmill Lane will be widened to 2×4 lanes.


Between 2015 and 2024, the Centennial Bowl Interchange was expanded into a full-fledged interchange between two highways, I-215 and US 95. Work on the first phase started on August 6, 2015. On 12 July 2017, it opened its first flyover for traffic from east to south. On September 28, 2020, the south-west flyover opened. Construction began on January 11, 2021 on the final phase, a $155 million project to build the remaining flyovers and the main carriageway of I-215 through the interchange. This part is to be completed in early 2024.

Traffic intensities

Each day, 135,000 vehicles drive off I-11 at Henderson, rising to 220,000 vehicles at the I-15 interchange and 180,000 vehicles west of I-15.

Interstate 215 in Nevada

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