Interstate 10 and 165 in Alabama

Interstate 10 in Alabama

Begin Grand Bay
End Seminole
Length 67 mi
Length 107 km
Mississippi state line → New Orleans4 Grand Bay

10 Irvington

13 Theodore

15 → Mobile

17 Tillmans Corner

20 → Montgomery / Birmingham

22 Dauphin Airport Parkway

23 Brookley Field Airport

24 Broad Street

25 Virginia Street

26 Downtown Mobile

George C. Wallace Tunnel

27 → Mobile

30 Battleship Parkway

35 Spanish Fort

38 Malbis

44 Loxley

53 County Road 64

Florida state line → Pensacola

Interstate 10 or I -10 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Alabama. The highway runs through the extreme south of the state, right along the Gulf of Mexico and across Mobile Bay. The only major city on the route is the port city of Mobile. Here the Mobile and Alabama Rivers flow into the Gulf of Mexico. The route in Alabama is 107 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

I-10 west of Mobile.

The interchange with I-65 in Mobile.

De George Wallace Tunnel in Mobile.

I-10 traverses southern Alabama and heads slightly inland from the Gulf of Mexico. The state line is at Grand Bay, Interstate 10 in Mississippi comes in from Biloxi, and the forest gets a lot less dense immediately after the state line, with more pastures. I-10 has 2×2 lanes here, US 90 runs parallel to it. I-10 then heads slightly northeast into the metropolitan area of ​​Mobile City. The highway has 2×3 lanes from here. On the west side of Mobile, Interstate 65 exits toward Montgomery and Birmingham. I-10 then partly has 2×4 lanes and passes the Mobile Downtown Airport. Near Downtown Mobile, I-10 narrows to 2×2 lanes and goes through the George Wallace Tunnelunder the Mobile River.

Immediately after the tunnel, one enters the 12-mile Jubilee Parkway, a girder bridge spanning the delta of the Mobile and Alabama Rivers. The halfway point is a connection to the Battleship Parkway ( US 90 / US 98 ). At Spanish Fort, you rejoin the mainland, after which the 2×2 lane highway continues through the low-lying coastal region to the Florida border, 50 kilometers away. The Florida border is formed by the Perdido River, after which Interstate 10 in Florida continues to Pensacola, Tallahassee, and Jacksonville.

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The predecessor of I-10 was US 90, to which I-10 is largely paralleled a short distance away. In 1965, a 16-mile stretch between the Mississippi border and US 90 opened to traffic at Theodore. In 1973, the George Wallace Tunnel in Mobile opened to traffic. The connecting Jubilee Parkway opened to traffic in 1978.


See also Mobile River Bridge.

There are wishes to replace the George Wallace Tunnel in Mobile with a fixed bridge. The tunnel is congested and located in a sub-optimal alignment, with a sharp bend west of the tunnel with a lot of inbound and outbound traffic into the center of Mobile a short distance away. The tunnel and the new bridge would receive tolls. This was controversial because of the low incomes in Alabama, on August 28, 2019 the plug was pulled from the project.

Traffic intensities

Every day 46,000 vehicles cross the Mississippi border. Closer to Mobile, that already rises to 96,000 vehicles for I-65 and is the busiest point of I-10 in Alabama. After that, 65,000 vehicles will drive into downtown Mobile, with 75,000 vehicles in the George Wallace Tunnel and 67,000 vehicles crossing Mobile Bay daily and 28,000 vehicles crossing the Florida border daily.

Lane Configuration

Van Unpleasant Lanes
Exit 0 Exit 17 2×2
Exit 17 Exit 20 (I-65) 2×3
Exit 20 (I-65) Exit 26 2×4
Exit 26 Exit 67 2×2

Alabama Interstate 165

Get started Prichard
End mobile
Length 5 mi
Length 8 km
1A → New Orleans / Montgomery1B Whistler Street

1B Price Avenue

1C Craft Highway

2 New Bay Bridge Road

4 Downtown Mobile

Interstate 165 or I -165 is a short Interstate Highway in the US state of Alabama. The 8-kilometer highway spurts from I-65 to the center of the city of Mobile.

Travel directions

I-165 begins on the north side of the port city of Mobile at a half- stack interchange with Interstate 65. The highway has 2×3 lanes and also has frontage roads through the suburb Prichard. Afterward, the highway crosses a swampland area and then terminates at the north end of Downtown Mobile on the secondary road network, one mile from I-10.


The highway was originally planned as Interstate 210, which would connect to I-10 in downtown Mobile. Construction of the highway began in 1991, and on October 28, 1994, the entire 8-kilometer highway was opened. It was Mobile’s third highway, making downtown more accessible from the north.

Traffic intensities

Between 21,000 and 33,000 vehicles use I-165 daily.

Lane Configuration

From Unpleasant Lanes
Exit 0 (I-65) Exit 5 2×3

Alabama Interstate 165

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