How to Get to Esto-Sadok, Russia

Esto-Sadok begins immediately after the village of Krasnaya Polyana. Only local residents will determine exactly where one settlement flows into another. But first you need to get to Sochi or already immediately to Adler. You can get here by train, but the event is very long – it takes at least a day to get from Moscow. Buses from many cities in the south of Russia come to the Sochi bus station, this option is quite suitable for the nearest neighbors of the resort region. The road by car is tiring – there are toll sections on the highways, and overly vigilant police posts, traffic jams near Dzhugba and the legendary serpentines at the entrance to Sochi. The autotravel option is good for not particularly time-limited companies with a couple of experienced drivers per car.

The most affordable, fast and convenient way to be in the protected Krasnopolyansk places for a long time will remain air routes. Sochi International Airport is located just 45 km from Esto-Sadok and is connected to the village by an excellent modern highway and railway line. You can fly to Adler not only from Moscow – the airport is connected by charter and regular flights with 60 different cities in Russia and abroad.

The way from the airport to Esto-Sadok depends on the time of your arrival in Adler and personal transport preferences. A taxi will take you to the place at any time of the day in about 40 minutes. If you order a car in advance, through one of the dispatch services, the trip will cost from 1200 RUB. The prices on the page are for May 2021.

In the high season, private traders can request twice or three times as much, but in the summer, when the bulk of tourists rush to the beaches directly from the terminal building, it will be easier to arrange a trip to the mountains, and you can try to knock down the price tag.

From about 6:00 to 19:00, Sochi bus No. 105 and Adler No. 135 pass by the airport to Krasnaya Polyana. It takes about an hour to drive, there are about 10 stops in the village, orient yourself on the map in advance and choose the right one. Travel in these buses will cost – from 170 RUB. There is a bus with more expensive tickets: modern cars under the Skybus brand are more convenient, there are places for luggage and sports equipment, and most importantly, there are flights at 21:00, 0:00 and 2:30 in the schedule. Book tickets in advance on the website of the carrier company, so as not to be left without a seat.

Twice a day from the airport and 4 times from the Adler railway station to Krasnaya Polyana, the branded high-speed train “Lastochka” leaves. Full ticket price: 336 RUB. The train stops at the Esto-Sadok and Rosa Khutor stations, the distance between them is decent, about an hour of brisk walking, so don’t miss the platform.

Esto-Sadok Olympic

Of course, we skied in the vicinity of Esto-Sadok long before Sochi-2014. The first camp site was built here in the 1920s. last century. However, the resort village owes its current popularity to the Olympic venues, which hosted all types of competitions in alpine and cross-country skiing, snowboarding, biathlon, luge and ski jumping of the Winter Games.

Today, anyone can rent a room in one of the Olympic villages, which became the basis of the hotel towns of the Laura complex, Gorki Goroda and the GTZ Gazprom, go skiing through high-mountain stadiums and slopes that brought gold medals to Anton Shipulin comrades, ride a cable car to the center of “Sanki”, where Alexander Tretyakov and the crews of Alexander Zubkov shone, to watch the professionals on the “Russian roller coaster” or, if you have the proper experience, test yourself on the difficult slopes of “Rosa Khutor”, submitted to the Russian American Vic Wild.

Esto-Sadok Hotels

Housing options in the village – for every taste and budget. A night in guest houses and hostels will cost from 1200 RUB. Rooms in good three-star hotels cost from 2200 RUB.

When choosing a hotel, be guided by the ski resorts of interest. If specific slopes are not particularly attractive, but you want to try out the tracks of all complexes, and then ski for a day in Sochi or Adler, then you can consider accommodation options in Krasnaya Polyana hotels.

How to Get to Esto-Sadok, Russia

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