Google Play Offers You a Selection of Games from EA and Chilling Reduced to €0.10

After bids of the festival of games in the past two weeks now reaches Google Play a new promotion, with a small selection of Electronic Arts and its chilling division games reduced to 0.10 euros.

It is a selection of nine games to 10 cents each, with six sets of chilling and three EA. There are only two games with optional integrated shopping (Bob robbery 2: Double Trouble and Need for Speed Most Wanted), the rest only have to pay those 10 cents to fully enjoy the games. The list is as follows:

In Fear I Trust

In Fear I Trust It is an adventure, a psychological thriller full of puzzles that you have to solve to escape from a facility filled with spooky places with disturbing atmosphere.

Google play | In Fear I Trust (offer, €0,10)

Bob robbery 2: Double Trouble

Bob robbery 2: Double Trouble It is an entertaining game starring a thief with which we will have to bypass the security guards, patrol pensioners and avoid crafty traps to steal everything that we find over 60 levels.

Google play | Bob robbery 2: Double Trouble (offer, €0.10 with integrated shopping)

Fleece Lightning

Starring Shaun the Sheep in Fleece Lightning We have to escape your enemies pigs and avoid all the obstacles along its more than 80 levels.

Google play | Fleece Lightning (offer, €0,10)

Dead Space

With Dead Space We find the classic shooter in third person of this well known EA franchise survival horror that takes place in the space-themed.

Google play | Dead Space (offer, €0,10)


With Monopoly Android we find the official video game of one of the most famous Board Games in the world.

Google play | Monopoly (offer, €0,10)

Need for Speed Most Wanted

If a few weeks ago got Need for Speed No Limits to our Android devices can now buy the previous delivery, Need for Speed Most Wanted, by 0.10 euros, although also includes integrated shopping.

Google play | Need for Speed Most Wanted (offer, €0.10 with integrated shopping)

Contre Jour

If you haven’t played the acclaimed game of puzzles and platforms Contre Jour now is a perfect time, because you will not find cheaper.

Google play | Contre Jour (offer, €0,10)

Incredible Jack

Incredible Jack It is an old school platform game. Starring Jack we have to rescue his family explored their seven worlds puzzle-filled levels.

Google play | Incredible Jack (offer, €0,10)

Power Ping Pong

Power Ping Pong It is an arcade game of ping pong by eccentric characters with special abilities. The game features multiplayer online and local modes.