Gamaliel, Arkansas Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to, Gamaliel, Arkansas, is a charming town located in Baxter County, nestled in the heart of the Ozark Mountains. Situated in the north-central part of the state, Gamaliel offers its residents and visitors a serene and picturesque setting with its rolling hills, lush forests, and proximity to the beautiful Norfork Lake.

Surrounded by natural beauty, Gamaliel is bordered by several cities that further enhance its appeal. To the west lies the city of Mountain Home, the largest city in the region. Mountain Home serves as the economic and cultural hub of Baxter County, offering a wide range of amenities, including shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment options. With a population of over 12,000, Mountain Home provides Gamaliel residents with access to various services and activities.

To the north of Gamaliel is the city of Cotter, a historic town known for its rich fishing heritage. Cotter is situated along the banks of the White River, which is renowned for its excellent trout fishing opportunities. Anglers from all over flock to Cotter to experience the thrill of catching trophy-sized trout. The city also boasts a vibrant arts community and hosts various festivals and events throughout the year.

To the east of Gamaliel lies the city of Gassville, a small community with a population of around 2,000. Gassville offers a peaceful and rural atmosphere, making it an ideal place for those seeking a tranquil lifestyle. Despite its small size, Gassville provides essential amenities such as grocery stores, gas stations, and a few dining options. It serves as a convenient stop for Gamaliel residents when they need to run errands or access basic services.

To the south of Gamaliel is the city of Lakeview, another picturesque community situated on the shores of Bull Shoals Lake. Known for its stunning lake views and recreational activities, Lakeview attracts outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy boating, fishing, and camping. The city also boasts several marinas, resorts, and golf courses, making it a popular vacation destination. Gamaliel residents can easily access Lakeview for a day of leisure or to partake in the various water sports and activities available.

In addition to these neighboring cities, Gamaliel is also in close proximity to the Norfork Lake, one of Arkansas’s largest lakes. Norfork Lake is a popular spot for fishing, boating, and water sports, offering ample opportunities for recreational enjoyment. With its crystal-clear waters and scenic surroundings, the lake is a favorite destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Overall, Gamaliel, Arkansas, benefits from its location near several vibrant cities and natural attractions. Whether residents are seeking urban amenities, outdoor recreational activities, or a tranquil lifestyle, they can easily access the neighboring cities of Mountain Home, Cotter, Gassville, and Lakeview. With its charming setting and close proximity to the stunning Norfork Lake, Gamaliel truly offers the best of both worlds for its residents and visitors alike.

Population, Schools and Landmarks in Gamaliel, Arkansas

According to, Gamaliel, Arkansas, is a small town located in Baxter County, in the northern part of the state. With a population of approximately 200 people, it is a close-knit community where neighbors know each other and a sense of belonging is prevalent. Despite its size, Gamaliel offers a charming and peaceful environment that attracts both residents and visitors.

The town is home to a single school, the Gamaliel Elementary School, which provides education for students from kindergarten to fifth grade. This school plays a crucial role in the community, as it serves as a gathering place for families and fosters a strong sense of community spirit. The school focuses on individual student growth, providing a nurturing and supportive learning environment. The dedicated staff and teachers work closely with parents to ensure that each child receives the best education possible.

While Gamaliel may not boast many landmarks, it is surrounded by natural beauty. One of the most notable features is Lake Norfork, a large reservoir that offers a variety of recreational activities. Residents and visitors can enjoy boating, fishing, swimming, and camping along the lake’s picturesque shores. The clear blue waters of Lake Norfork are perfect for water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. The lake not only provides a scenic backdrop for the town but also attracts tourists who come to experience its tranquility and natural splendor.

Another notable feature in Gamaliel is the nearby Norfork Dam. Constructed in the early 1940s, the dam is an impressive engineering marvel that regulates the flow of the North Fork River, creating Lake Norfork. It not only provides flood control but also generates hydroelectric power, contributing to the region’s energy needs. The dam has become a popular tourist attraction, with visitors marveling at its scale and learning about its historical significance.

Gamaliel may be a small town, but it is not devoid of charm and character. The community hosts various events throughout the year, bringing residents together and fostering a strong sense of togetherness. One such event is the Gamaliel Christmas Parade, a festive celebration that showcases the town’s holiday spirit. Residents eagerly participate in the parade, decorating floats and spreading cheer to all who attend.

In terms of amenities, Gamaliel offers essential services to its residents. The town has a post office, a small grocery store, and a few local businesses that cater to the community’s needs. While residents may need to travel to neighboring towns for more extensive shopping or entertainment options, the close proximity of these towns ensures that residents have access to a wider range of amenities.

Gamaliel is a place where the pace of life is slower, and the community values the simple joys of small-town living. The population may be small, but the sense of community is strong. The schools provide a solid educational foundation, the natural beauty of Lake Norfork and Norfork Dam create a stunning backdrop, and the town’s events and amenities cater to the needs of its residents. Gamaliel, Arkansas, is a hidden gem that offers a peaceful and fulfilling lifestyle for those seeking a close-knit community and a connection with nature.

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