For Economical Kommunikationsjunkys

With the Pocket Web, 1 & 1 together with Vodafone brings a mobile E-Mail recipient and Internet access to the market. The Clou: For about 10 euros a month you get a data flat rate for surfing and email. We’ve tried, what can the device.

The only requirement for the use of Pocket Web is that you have an E-Mail account with a company of the United Internet Group. These include 1 & 1, GMX and Setting up the Pocket Web hardware is very simple: you enter just your email address and password for your access and are immediately sende – and ready to receive.

Email anywhere
Receive the E-Mail worked smoothly in our test. Also the representation on the display with 240 x 160 pixel resolution and 4,000 colors is fine. Writing emails is thanks to QWERTY keyboard well by hand. Only when you need a capital letter on the left side of the keyboard, some acrobatics is demanded. A second button for the upper case on the right side would have been a mistake. In addition to email, you can send SMS. In addition, for 9.99 Euros per month, you get 100 SMS included.Otherwise, the price is 19 cents per text message.

Internet for minimalists and patient
The Internet function of Pocket Web requires a little patience: as transmitted data via GPRS (up to 57.6 k bps), especially the construction takes a moment of pages with lots of images. If you but want to renounce on the display of the images and just look for the latest news, stock quotes, or football results, the Pocket Web is a good companion.

Phone function for “Headsettter”
Yes, you can make calls even with the Pocket Web. However, only with a Bluetooth headset. A matching offered by 1 & 1 directly when ordering for about 30 euros. The voice quality was good in our tests. Less well, however, we find the Vodafone terms, which call: 29 cents in the fixed network and Vodafone-intern will be charged per minute, there are even 59 cents per minute to other mobile phones. There you should consider twice it, before you start calling.

Power-hungry and kontaktscheu
The battery life is in heavy use, say much surf or play, relatively short. Already after 3 to 4 hours the test device then made flabby. You can connect while the Pocket Web via USB to a PC or a laptop, then it is charged but only. It is not possible to be synchronized with Outlook or similar programs.

If you want to have your emails at a glance and don’t mind an additional device in the bag, the Pocket Web by 1 & 1 is a good solution. In addition you can surf with him on the Internet and even call in an emergency. Advance law course, you obtain a suitable Bluetooth headset.

If mainly the additional device scare you and you are not a United Internet customer or want to be, you should pick up a BlackBerry as the RIM 8707 with corresponding push-E-mail service. This is considerably more expensive, but also much more comfortable.