Family-Friendly Malaysia and Koh Lipe

Combine a tailor-made tour of Malaysia with lovely Koh Lipe – one of Thailand’s most beautiful islands. See map of Malaysia on directoryaah.

Start your journey with a few days in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur – a vibrant modern city that combines modern architecture with ancient traditions and many fun experiences. In Taman Negara National Park you visit the world’s oldest rainforest. Here, the orange asli people still live in isolation in the deep jungle that suits their culture and lifestyle. During the excursion to the idyllic and lush Cameron Highlands, you can explore English colonial history surrounded by lush and green mountains. The first paradise island is Langkawi with lots of beaches, nature, markets and duty free shopping. The journey ends on the Thai paradise island of Koh Lipe in the southernmost Thai archipelago. Here, wonderful beaches, wonderful taste experiences and fantastic snorkeling are combined among the island’s many coral reefs.

Day 1: Departure from ScandinaviaDay 2: Arrival in Kuala Lumpur

Upon arrival in Kuala Lumpur you will be picked up at the airport and driven to your hotel. The rest of the day you have on your own.

Day 3: Kuala Lumpur – city tour by public transport

After breakfast at the hotel, you will be picked up by your guide. You walk with the guide to the nearest train station, about 10-15 minutes from here. On the trip, you have some freedom to design the excursion yourself together with your guide. Kuala Lumpur is a melting pot of religions, peoples and traditions, which is evident from the diversity of the city’s different districts. Islamic and modern architecture, Indian temples and Bollywood posters fill the street scene in Little India – not to mention the Chinese culture in China Town. You will have a colorful experience today. Later in the afternoon, return to the hotel and spend the rest of the day on your own. ( F )

Day 4: Kuala Lumpur – boat trip and night hike in Taman Negara

You have breakfast and then head to Taman Negara, where some adventurous and eventful days in the jungle await you. The first stage takes three to four hours via the Malaysian highways. It is a beautiful drive and you pass several rural villages. On arrival at the river town of Kuala Tembeling you can look forward to a boat trip along the picturesque river to Taman Negara National Park. You glide past the magical rainforest and see several small fishing villages. After a three-hour boat trip, you will arrive at your resort in the world’s oldest rainforest, which has existed for 130 million years. Here in the national park, more plant and animal species hide than anywhere else on earth. In the evening, your guide arranges a few hours of night safari on foot through the jungle. We recommend that you bring a headlamp with you when you stroll along the park’s marked paths. With a little luck, you can experience the park’s exciting wildlife after sunset. You have a good chance of seeing snakes, lizards, monkeys, small deer and not least, a rich and varied bird life – maybe even a tapir. Evening walks are fantastic because the park’s nocturnal inhabitants are very different from those you see during the day. There are also wild elephants, tigers, leopards and Asian rhinos in the national park, but the latter animals are very rare and live far from humans. The evening walk ends at your jungle resort. ( Evening walks are fantastic because the park’s nocturnal inhabitants are very different from those you see during the day. There are also wild elephants, tigers, leopards and Asian rhinos in the national park, but the latter animals are very rare and live far from humans. The evening walk ends at your jungle resort. (F )

Day 5: Taman Negara – hiking among the treetops & a boat trip

In the morning you get to see the fascinating jungle in daylight. You start by walking two kilometers to the lookout point Teresek Hill, at an altitude of 334 meters. From here you can admire the panoramic view of Mount Gunung Tahan (can only be seen in clear weather) and enjoy the fantastic views of the rainforest and its lush valleys. In addition, you have the opportunity to participate in an excursion up among the treetops, 30-40 meters above ground level. The road up the trees is 530 meters long, which makes it the longest in the world. Wander among the old trees and admire the rainforest’s varied flora and fauna from a bird’s eye view. You’re back at your resort at noon. Here you eat your lunch. In the afternoon, take a boat up the Sungai Tahan River, to Lata Berkoh. Here the river forms small waterfalls that flow at different levels. It is definitely worth bringing swimwear and taking a refreshing dip in the beautiful water. From the boat you can see the river’s big, red fish – so-called “mahseer” before you go back to your resort. You spend the rest of the day on your own. Activities are sometimes affected by the weather and in case of heavy rain, the bridges in the treetops can be closed. It rains most from December to February, but the park has a high amount of rainfall all year round. (F )

Day 6: Taman Negara – rafting in Taman Negara, and a visit to the orange asli people

After breakfast you will be picked up and go to “Shooting Rapids” in Taman Negara, where you by traditional boat must get past seven “rapids” at high speed. A fun day awaits and your clothes will most likely get wet. Depending on the time, it may be possible to visit one of the villages of the orange asli people. This is the indigenous people of the jungle who really care about their culture and lifestyle. There are two ethnic groups with orange Asli people in Taman Negara, who speak their own language. During the visit to their small village, you will see, among other things, when the tribal people demonstrate their traditional hunting with bamboo pipes and tell their story. The Orang asli people are a group of friendly and welcoming people, with great respect for their fellow human beings and their nature. Most of the tribe lives inside the jungle and has almost no contact with the outside world. After visiting the small village by the river, take the boat back to your resort. You spend the rest of the day on your own. (F )

Day 7: Taman Negara – Cameron Highlands

After breakfast you will be picked up and take the boat back to the river community Tembiling, through the rainforest. You then drive to the Cameron Highlands in the state of Pahang, about 1,542 meters above sea level. It’s a great trip to Malaysia’s premier and most famous tea plantations. Along the way you have the opportunity to have lunch (at your own expense). You drive through charming villages and can take unforgettable photographs. Once at Cameron Higlands, you will be accommodated in the old English village, in the middle of the green tea plantations. You spend the rest of the day on your own. ( F )

Day 8: Cameron Highlands

After breakfast, you are picked up in a Land Rover and then driven to the fascinating tea plantations. The journey takes you past the forest “Mossy Forest” which is located near the top of Gunung Brin Chang, 2,000 meters above sea level. Here you can see rare flora, including the carnivorous king jug vine, which is a very unusual plant species. You can also enjoy the view of the hilly landscape, among lush tea plantations. After a short drive from the mountain, you reach Sungei Palace and the area’s tea factory. Please note that the tea factory is closed on Mondays. Then you drive to your hotel. The rest of the day is at your own disposal in the Cameron Highlands. ( F )

Day 9: Cameron Highlands – Langkawi

After breakfast, travel to the next destination, Langkawi Island, just a few kilometers from the Thai border. You leave the green valleys of Malaysia and steer the cow towards the paradise island of Langkawi. The first part of the journey takes you to northwestern Malaysia. After a journey of about three hours, you arrive at the Jeti Kuala Kedah Ferry Terminal. Now a two-hour boat trip to the exotic island of Langkawi awaits. You will arrive at your hotel in the late afternoon. The rest of the day is at your own disposal. ( F )

Day 10-12: Langkawi

Langkawi is one of the most idyllic archipelagos in Malaysia. Here, the blue sea and the beautiful beaches are the main attractions. Relax on the island’s beautiful white sandy beaches and explore the island’s exciting sights. It is excellent to beer beer to some of the 104 small islands that surround Langkawi. On the southwest side of Langkawi are the Machincang Mountains and you can take the cable car up to see the impressive views from the Langkawi Sky Panorama. This bridge connects two mountain peaks and the journey directly up to the top of Gunung Mat Cincang takes about 30 min. From this 708 meter high structure you can see the whole of Langkawi and the surrounding islands. Shopping is good here as the island has been duty free since 1980. There are several night markets to explore. You can also explore Langkawi Underwater World on your own, which is Malaysia’s largest aquarium. Langkawi has something for everyone, no matter what type of vacation you are looking for. (F )

Day 13: Langkawi – Koh Lipe

After a few eventful days on Langkawi, you can look forward to a world-class beach experience on Koh Lipe. You will be picked up at the hotel and driven to the ferry terminal. After that, an hour’s journey by speedboat to Koh Lipe awaits. The following days, relaxation is on the schedule. You spend the rest of the day on your own.

Day 14-17: Koh Lipe

On Koh Lipe there is everything that belongs to an exotic dream stay. The island is no bigger than you can get around on foot. There are three main beaches and good opportunities to beer beer with Koh Lipe as a starting point. The island is known for its fantastic coral reefs and exciting snorkeling. You can explore the many dive sites and possibly take a four-day course and get a diving certificate. Here you will find cozy restaurants offering a wide range of Thai dishes.

Day 18: Koh Lipe – Langkawi

Today the adventure ends on Koh Lipe and the journey takes you back to Langkawi where you spend your last holiday night. Here you can make the latest purchases or take the opportunity to relax a bit, before you go home to Sweden.

Day 19: Langkawi – Scandinavia

Today you will be picked up at the hotel, transported to the airport and flown home, with unforgettable experiences in your luggage.

Day 20: Arrival in Scandinavia

Overnight stays

Two nights in Kuala Lumpur
Three nights in Taman Negara
Two nights in Cameron Higlands
Five nights on Langkawi
Five nights on Koh Lipe (Thailand)

Family-Friendly Malaysia and Koh Lipe

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