Facebook Bug Accidentally Blocked Accounts; Message Required RG Copy Shipping

Last night, several users Facebook reported having their accounts blocked for no apparent reason. After logging in, the social network required the submission of an identification document with a photo, such as ID, driver’s license or passport to free access. But calm down: you did nothing wrong and Facebook decided not to play ban accounts; it was all a mistake.

In a statement sent to The Next Web, Facebook apologizes for the failure and admits that “unnecessarily showed an account verification message to a very small percentage of users.” The message was removed as soon as the error was discovered. As we are talking about a slice “very small” of 1.15 billion users, it is natural that many have gone through the problem.

As reminds the User Manual, the Facebook account verification is not new. Social networking requires all provide names, surnames and actual birth dates, to avoid problems with fake accounts. Sending an official photo ID used to verify the authenticity of the information you sent, if there is any suspicion – which was not the case for people affected yesterday.

If this happens to you in the future, more information can be found in this topic help Facebook. When sending the document, you can (and should) hide data that are not required to verify your identity, such as the number of Social Security or credit card. Facebook ensures that permanently deletes the data from your document after identification.