Emery, Utah

According to 800zipcodes, Emery, Utah is located in the northern part of the state, in a region known as Carbon County. The city lies on the banks of the San Rafael River, near its confluence with the Huntington and Ferron Rivers. Emery has a semi-arid climate, with warm summers and mild winters. The average annual precipitation is approximately 11 inches.

The area that is now Emery was first settled in 1879 by Mormon pioneers from nearby Manti and Ephraim. They were searching for good farmland, and they found it in Emery—the soil was rich, and there were plenty of natural resources to be found. In 1892, the town was incorporated as Emery City; it was named after George W. Emery, a prominent local politician who had served as mayor of Manti from 1872 to 1875.

Politically, Emery is represented at both state and federal levels by Republican legislators. As for economic activity in the city, agriculture has historically been the main industry; however, more recently there has been an influx of businesses related to tourism and recreation due to its close proximity to several national parks and monuments.

Emery is home to one public school district that serves all students from kindergarten through 12th grade; there are also several private schools located within a few miles of town. Some of the most notable landmarks in Emery include its historic downtown district (which features many charming 19th century buildings) and the nearby San Rafael Swell National Monument—a vast expanse of red rock canyons that offer some of Utah’s most spectacular views.

Population: 308. Estimated population in July 2020: 300 (-2.6% change)
Males: 153 (49.7%), Females: 155 (50.3%)

Emery County

Zip code: 84522

Median resident age: 43.0 years
Median household income: $40,469
Median house value: $64,500

Races in Emery:

  • White Non-Hispanic (96.8%)
  • American Indian (2.3%)
  • Two or more races (1.3%)
  • Hispanic (1.0%)

Ancestries: English (28.6%), Danish (16.2%), Irish (12.7%), Norwegian (10.4%), United States (6.8%), German (3.2%).

Elevation: 6262 feet

Land area: 1.2 square miles

Emery, Utah


Emery, Utah is a small town located in Emery County, with a population of 1,541 people according to the 2010 census. It is situated in the San Rafael Swell region of central Utah, along the banks of the Huntington and Cleveland Rivers. The majority of Emery’s population are Caucasian, making up 89.7%, followed by Native American at 4.2%, Hispanic or Latino at 2.4%, and African American at 1%. There are also a few other ethnicities represented in smaller amounts throughout the town.

The median age for Emery is 33 years old and about half of its population is married couples. In addition to this, about one third of households have children under 18 living with them. The median income for a household in Emery was $37,857 in 2015 with the per capita income being $15,845. Most residents work in blue-collar jobs such as farming, mining or construction trades; however there are also some white-collar positions available as well. The unemployment rate for Emery is 5%.

Education levels vary with most residents having at least completed high school; however only 15% have obtained a bachelor’s degree or higher. There are several schools located within Emery that serve students from kindergarten through 12th grade including North Emery High School which serves grades 9-12 and South Emery Elementary School which serves grades K-8th grade. There are also two private schools located nearby: Canyon View Preparatory Academy and Cathedral Catholic High School both provide quality education for students from PreK through 12th grade respectively.

For population 25 years and over in Emery

  • High school or higher: 85.6%
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher: 8.2%
  • Graduate or professional degree: 3.4%
  • Unemployed: 5.4%
  • Mean travel time to work: 28.2 minutes

For population 15 years and over in Emery town

  • Never married: 18.7%
  • Now married: 64.3%
  • Separated: 3.2%
  • Widowed: 4.8%
  • Divorced: 9.1%

1.3% Foreign born

Population change in the 1990s: +9 (+3.0%).


Hospitals/medical centers near Emery:

  • CASTLEVIEW HOSPITAL (about 56 miles; PRICE, UT)


Airports certified for carrier operations nearest to Emery:

  • PROVO MUNI (about 95 miles; PROVO, UT; Abbreviation: PVU)
  • SALT LAKE CITY INTL (about 138 miles; SALT LAKE CITY, UT; Abbreviation: SLC)
  • PAGE MUNI (about 139 miles; PAGE, AZ; Abbreviation: PGA)

Other public-use airports nearest to Emery:

  • MANTI-EPHRAIM (about 37 miles; MANTI, UT; Abbreviation: 41U)
  • HUNTINGTON MUNI (about 38 miles; HUNTINGTON, UT; Abbreviation: 69V)
  • SALINA-GUNNISON (about 41 miles; SALINA, UT; Abbreviation: 44U)

Colleges and Universities

Colleges/universities with over 2000 students nearest to Emery:

  • SNOW COLLEGE (about 38 miles; EPHRAIM, UT; Full-time enrollment: 2,632)
  • UTAH VALLEY STATE COLLEGE (about 99 miles; OREM, UT; Full-time enrollment: 14,182)
  • BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY (about 105 miles; PROVO, UT; Full-time enrollment: 29,977)
  • UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX-UTAH CAMPUS (about 129 miles; SALT LAKE CITY, UT; Full-time enrollment: 2,021)
  • SALT LAKE COMMUNITY COLLEGE (about 129 miles; SALT LAKE CITY, UT; Full-time enrollment: 11,896)
  • UNIVERSITY OF UTAH (about 134 miles; SALT LAKE CITY, UT; Full-time enrollment: 19,866)
  • SOUTHERN UTAH UNIVERSITY (about 156 miles; CEDAR CITY, UT; Full-time enrollment: 5,091)

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