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Great Britain is a country in the northwestern part of Europe. The country is located in the British Isles and includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It also includes the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. See United Kingdom abbreviations.

The English Channel, Pas de Calais and the North Sea separate the UK from the mainland. From the north and west, the coast is washed by the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Along the western borders is the Irish Sea. The area of the country is 244.1 thousand square meters. km.

The relief of the United Kingdom is extraordinary. In the northern and western parts of the country, mountainous dissected terrain prevails. In the central and southeastern regions, a large area is occupied by wastelands and elevated plains. The highest point of the country is located in Scotland in the city of Ben Nevis and is 1343 meters. Northern Ireland, which is part of the UK, is located on the western extension of the Scottish mountains and occupies the country’s second largest island. Its mountainous area is divided by the North Channel.

The prime meridian passes through Great Britain, from which world time is calculated. Most of the country’s territory is occupied by England (133.4 thousand sq. km), which is why it has a dominant superiority over other countries of the United Kingdom. So, Wales accounts for 20.8 thousand square meters. km., Scotland – 78.8 thousand square meters. km., Northern Ireland – 13.8 thousand square meters. km.

There are many bays, coves and peninsulas in Great Britain. The sea near the coast reaches a depth of 90 meters. The warm current of the Gulf Stream, which passes here, heats the air and water, thereby making the climate here warmer than in other northern countries.

Rivers flow through the country: Severn (310 km), Clyde (170 km), Tyne (58 km), Trent (274 km), Thames (332 km).


According to 800zipcodes, the climate in the UK is mild, humid, oceanic. But, if more rain falls in Northern Ireland, then in Scotland the air is drier and colder.

The coldest month is January. The temperature these days is kept at around +3…+7 ° С. The warmest thing is in July, the air at this time warms up to +11…+17 °С. About 600-750 mm of precipitation falls here annually, most of it falls in September – January, fogs are often present. London, Westland and the southeast are slightly warmer than the northeast of the UK.

You can relax in the United Kingdom all year round, but it often rains in autumn. The peak of the tourist season falls on the period from April to September – these days the weather is clear and sunny, access to most local attractions is open.

The capital of Great Britain is London.

Major cities: Edinburgh, Belfast, Glasgow, Cardiff, Manchester, Liverpool.

Medical resorts: Bath, Buxton, Cheltenham.

Beach resorts: Brighton, Torbay.

British cuisine

In the 18th century, British cuisine was considered one of the best in Europe. But over time, the palm passed to other countries. At the same time, connoisseurs report that this cooking is much better than it is commonly believed.

The British are characterized by a conservative attitude to food. The basis for cooking is fish, meat, vegetables and cereals. But they practically do not add various seasonings and sauces. Spicy or sour seasonings, packaged in bottles, are used only for ready meals.

If we consider only English cuisine, then they are held in high esteem by meat of various types (lamb, veal, beef and pork). It is fried whole, cut into steaks, made with blood or fried completely. Only here fried meat is considered food for aristocrats. It is usually served with sauces, gravy, baked vegetables or pickles.

An equally important place in the diet of the British is fish and seafood. It is smoked, salted, various dishes are prepared from it. The most popular are: smoked herring, salmon, cod, kakana, squid and lobster.

In Scotland, only fresh products are used for dishes: vegetables, meat, seafood. Shortcrust cakes, porridge, meat broth, hagiss (heart, liver and lungs are finely chopped, mixed with oatmeal and boiled in a sheep’s stomach) are considered famous local dishes. When you come to Scotland, be sure to try the Deep Fried Mars Bar.

Irish cuisine is called peasant cuisine. Here, no frills are used in the preparation of dishes. The most popular are fish, meat and potato dishes with spices.

The main ingredient in Welsh dishes is the leek. Red algae bread is ubiquitous. For its preparation, seaweed, bacon and oatmeal are used, such bread is served in the form of toasts. Cheese toast in Wales includes mustard and beer, while Glamorgan sausages include cheese, leeks, bread and herbs.

British cuisine is famous for its puddings, roasts and various potato casseroles stuffed with ground beef, lamb or fish.

Tea is popular among drinks, it is drunk with milk and sugar. It is usually served with spherical shortcakes – they are cut in half and greased with butter or heavy cream. If you order full tea, then instead of sweets you will be offered small sandwiches with sour cream and cucumber, or with pickles and herbs.

From alcoholic beverages, British residents prefer black ale, Irish and Scottish whiskey, porter, draft beer occupies a special place. Jim, rum and port are also consumed.

British cuisine

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