Climate and Geography of Georgia


Georgia is a state in the Transcaucasus region, a former republic of the USSR, and now an independent territory washed by the Black Sea in the west and bordering on a number of Asian countries in the east. A country with important natural, recreational and tourist sites. See Georgia abbreviations.

The capital and largest city of Georgia is Tbilisi. In total, according to the administrative division, the country’s territory is divided into 11 regions, including the capital and partially recognized republics – South Ossetia and Abkhazia – subjects whose independence the Georgian authorities do not recognize.

The official border with Russia lies in the north, east and northeast. In the south, Georgia neighbors Armenia and Turkey. The southeastern border separates the country from Azerbaijan.

The relief of Georgia is heterogeneous. The northern part of the country is the high peaks of the Greater Caucasus. The legendary Mount Kazbek, together with the Shkhara peak, are the highest points in Georgia. The height above sea level here exceeds 5000 meters.

Part of the central regions of Georgia is occupied by the Colchis lowland. If you do not take Abkhazia, then the western and northwestern part of Georgia belongs to the lowlands. These regions are rich in rivers and lakes, as well as karst formations that attract cavers from all over the world.

The south of Georgia is the Jakhavet Highlands, cut by volcanic spurs, gorges and small rivers. In addition, the so-called lava plateaus formed here – a consequence of great volcanic activity that lasted millions of years.

Georgia is not rich in natural resources – only manganese and coal are mined from raw materials in large quantities.

Thermal and mineral springs have been considered the main natural asset in Georgia for many centuries. Mineral water from the Borjomi resort is still considered one of the best in the post-Soviet space.


If we talk about the climate of Georgia in general terms, then it can be classified as a transitional type from the subtropical zone to temperate latitudes.

According to 800zipcodes, the western part of Georgia belongs to the zone of influence of the subtropical climate. In summer, it is very humid here, but at the same time it is warm – the average air temperature very rarely drops below +24 ° C.

In the east of Georgia there are arid regions where the air masses of the Mediterranean belt reach. In summer it can be warmer here, up to +27 ° C on average, but nighttime temperature drops make themselves felt.

Winter in Georgia is mild, often with little rainfall. The average minimum in December is 0… +1 o C, however, in some areas, including Tbilisi, anomalous frosts can occur, down to -20 o C.

Famous resorts of Georgia: Tbilisi, Kakheti, Kutaisi, Borjomi, Tskaltubo.

Cuisine of Georgia

The traditional cuisine of Georgia, like any other Caucasian country, is distinguished by an exquisite recipe, unique combinations of tastes and aromas. Some dishes have long been included in the collections of Russian recipes, which only confirms the people’s love for the cuisine of the Georgian people.

National dishes of Georgia

Meat dishes

Perhaps the most famous dish of Georgians – tobacco chicken – has nothing to do with tobacco. Not everyone knows that it was named so after a frying pan of a special shape – tapaka, and already in Russian the name was transformed. Now there are several hundred recipes for chicken, combined with many spices.

Another dish that has become a symbol of Georgian cuisine is khinkali. These peculiar dumplings have penetrated the cuisines of many countries of the world, but the classic recipe was invented by the Georgians. According to tradition, they should have black or red pepper not only in the garnish, but also in the stuffing itself.

Georgian kebab is called mtsvadi. It is prepared strictly from lamb, and the cooking process is divided into three types. Georgians do not welcome the classic pickling of meat – more often mtsvadi is prepared either from fresh pieces of meat, or in combination with pieces of eggplant.

The well-known satsivi sauce in Georgia is also a poultry dish: chicken, duck or turkey. Each region of Georgia has its own recipe for cooking poultry, but one attribute remains unchanged – you need to bake it with a lot of walnuts.

Many people know the spicy chakhokhbili stew thanks to national cafes. It is prepared from chicken, less often from game, for example, pheasant.


Soup kharcho, served in most Russian canteens, violates the classic Georgian recipe almost completely. At home, it is prepared only with the addition of dried plums tkemali – tklapi. Thanks to her and the combination of spices, the soup becomes not spicy, but spicy.

Georgian housewives’ signature soup, chikhirtma, is cooked in broth with lamb and cornmeal. This combination gives a thick and tender texture, and the absence of vegetables allows you to appreciate the chef’s skill in cooking meat.

Khashi soup is made from meat giblets. Georgians jokingly call it “hangover soup”, because they usually have breakfast, or eat after a stormy feast. He does not have a strict recipe, each cook prepares khashi in his own way.

Georgian desserts

The legendary Georgian churchkhela is made from nuts strung on a string. Before hanging them for readiness, the nuts are dipped in boiled grape juice or other syrup, depending on the recipe.

Kozinaki, beloved by children, was also invented in Georgia. Molds made from nuts or sunflower seeds are prepared with honey, which gives that very sweet taste. In Georgia, kozinaki is traditionally eaten on New Year’s Eve.

Pelamushi, a kind of Georgian jelly, is made from thickened grape juice with the addition of corn flour. The resulting mixture is poured into molds, and when it hardens, it is turned over and served on the table, preferably along with goats.

Drinks of Georgia

The world-famous chacha – grape vodka, with a strength of up to 60%, has long become one of the symbols of Georgia. Most tourists do not leave the country without a bottle of this strong drink.

Wines in Georgia occupy one of the bases of export and industry in general, therefore, most of the Georgian wines are an example of quality and taste. The most famous brand in the post-Soviet space – ” Tsinandali ” – is now in great demand in Europe, for example – in Germany.

It is worth mentioning soft drinks, for example, the well-known tarragon lemonade was invented in Georgia back in 1886 by the industrialist Mitrofan Lagidze. Interestingly, in Georgia, tarragon is sometimes produced on natural ingredients. In this case, the drink has a light yellow color, while green is dyes.

Cuisine of Georgia

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