Climate and Geography of Cyprus


Cyprus is a large island, the third largest in the Mediterranean. It is located 95 km from Syria, 70 km from the Turkish coast and 380 km from the coast of Egypt. The islands closest to it – Karpasos and Rhodes – are located 380 km west of Cyprus. See Cyprus abbreviations.

The area of the island is 9251 km². The coastline is rocky and indented in the northern part, sandy beaches lie in the east. On the territory of Cyprus there are many bays and bays, green valleys frame the mountains.

The landscape features of the island are determined by mountain ranges that are parallel to each other. The Kyrenia ridge stretches along the northern coast, forming a whole peninsula in the northern part of the island – Karpas. From the highest point of the peninsula – Mount Kiparissovuno (1024 km) – in clear weather, you can see the coast of Anatolia (80 km from the island).

The southwestern part of Cyprus is occupied by the Troodos mountain range. Here is Olymbos (1951 m) – the highest point of the island. Troodos is covered with forests, is the owner of several transparent sources. This area has become a favorite vacation spot for tourists and locals in the summer.

In the very center between the mountain ranges lies the Mesaoria plain, which has access to the sea in the west and east. In the western part, there is the Morphou basin, through which the shallow river Pedias flows. There are no natural lakes with fresh water on the island. Only in the southern part there are two large salt lakes near Larnaca and Limassol.


According to 800zipcodes, the climate in Cyprus is Mediterranean.

More than 300 days a year are sunny. The most comfortable for rest are the spring and autumn months – the velvet season. Summer (mid-May – mid-October) is hot. The air temperature these days warms up to +26… +35 ° C, sometimes reaching +40 ° C, but due to the low humidity, the heat is easily tolerated. The water temperature in summer is +27 °C.

Winter here is mild and warm. The average readings of the thermometer these days show +17…+21 °C. At this time, life on the island stops. Starting from October, for 5 – 6 months, there are no heavy rains in Cyprus.

The mountains are colder in winter. Snow often falls, and you can ski until April. Near Mount Olympos, winter recreation centers are open for tourists.

The main cities and resorts of Cyprus are: Larnaca, Limassol, Ayia Napa, Paphos and Protaras.

The ski resort is located in the Troodos Mountains.

Health resorts: Paphos and Limassol

Cypriot cuisine

The national cuisine of Cyprus has experienced a very strong influence of Greek cuisine, under the influence of which it was mainly formed.

What is Greek cuisine? These are centuries-old cooking traditions, as well as olives, wine, feta cheese and a variety of seafood, vegetables and meats. Most dishes are flavored with lemon juice, olive oil, rigani, and other spices grown under the hot sun.

Lovers of delicious food in Cyprus can visit many taverns, restaurants, coffee houses and eateries. And remember that you can taste real Greek food only in an institution where Greeks dine.

Cafeteria. Here you will be offered not only coffee, but also freshly squeezed juices, ice cream, cocktails and confectionery. Ellinikos cafes (Greek coffee) – it is served in a small cup. A glass of water is placed next to it. Frape – instant coffee with frothed milk and ice.

Tavern – here you will have a tasty and inexpensive lunch. From the assortment of the tavern you will be offered dishes of fish, meat and vegetables. Most popular:

  • moussakas – layered potatoes, eggplant and minced meat with bechamel sauce;
  • pastitsio – pasta cooked with minced meat and poured with sauce;
  • melizanosalata – eggplant salad;
  • tzatziki – thick yogurt with cucumbers and garlic;
  • feta cheese – it is served with a rustic salad (horiatiki salad), which consists of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, olives and onions cut into large slices;
  • specialty – dishes of Asia Minor, ancient Greek, as well as the cuisine of the Greek islands.

Psarotaverna (fish tavern) – here you will be served grilled fish (oysters, octopuses, mussels). Such establishments are located, as a rule, near the coast or harbor.

A kennel is a tavern in which meat is fried on coals or on a spit. Here you will try pork chops (brizola), chicken (kotolupo), lamb ribs (paidakya) and cutlets (bifteki).

Souvladzidiko is a small barbecue place where you can have a quick bite to eat and take away souvlaki (shish kebab).

Uzeri – this institution is famous for the abundance of appetizers (mezedes), which are served simultaneously with ouzo – Greek aniseed vodka. It is diluted with water, so it becomes white.

Among the range of alcoholic products in Cyprus are popular:

  • Raki is a vodka made from grapes with a bright, tart aftertaste, very strong. Served in small glasses;
  • Retsina is a wine with a taste of pine resin. It goes well with fish and meat dishes;
  • Mavrodafni – tart and sweet wine;
  • Moschato is a sweet muscat wine, combined with fruits and sweets.

It is also worth trying dry red wines: nemeya and rapsani, as well as white – robola.

Cypriot cuisine

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