Canberra, Australia

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Canberra is the capital of Australia. The city appeared quite by accident, and if there had not been a confrontation between the two large cities of this continent – Sydney and Melbourne – then, perhaps, there would not have been Canberra. It was as a result of a long dispute between the two largest cities for the right to call themselves the capital that Canberra appeared.

It is sometimes said that Canberra is very similar to the capital of Brazil. There is also an artificial lake called Griffin after its creator, there is also a huge amount of parks and green spaces, there is also a great variety of all kinds of beautiful buildings. But today Canberra’s only function is to govern the country. There are no factories here, nothing is produced or produced here. The Australian government lives and works here, and this has left its special imprint on the “face of the city.”

How to get there

There are no direct flights to Canberra. Therefore, you will first have to fly to Sydney or Melbourne, and from there transfer to a plane that flies only within the country and thus get to Canberra. The city itself is not located on the coast, but this does not mean at all that the traveler will be very bored in Canberra. The city is 280 km from Sydney and 650 km from Melbourne. Check itypeusa for other cities and countries as well as brief information about Australia.

Entertainment and attractions in Canberra

The Australian government is located in the Houses of Parliament – a building that was enthusiastically rebuilt several times, until finally its current version was created. It is incredibly large, and on the roof of the building is a huge mast. During the construction, the architects had to remove part of the hill on which the Parliament is located, but after the project was completed, the land was returned back and a huge beautiful flower garden was planted on it, which pleases tourists and residents of the city with its beauty and fragrance almost all year round.

Canberra is a city that has quite a few monuments and memorials. The most famous is the Australian War Memorial, which was erected in honor of the soldiers who participated in the wars of the Commonwealth of Australia. This memorial also has a sculpture garden, which is dedicated to all army units.

No less interesting is the building of the National Gallery of Australia. This is the main art gallery of the entire continent, built in the style of brutalism, which gives it a special charm. The paintings exhibited in this gallery reflect the freedom-loving spirit of the Australian people. In order to go around all the halls and admire the exhibited works, only 2-3 hours are enough.

Well, after visiting the gallery, you can take a walk on Black Mountain. This hill is located very close to the business center of the city. Here, any buildings are prohibited by law, and the hill itself belongs to the National Parks of Canberra. At the top of the Black Mountain (namely, this is how its name is translated) there is a telecommunications tower, the height of which reaches 195 meters.

At the very top of the tower, there is an observation deck and a revolving restaurant, which is the most popular place for dates and meetings for all Canberrans.

Events and festivals

If you’re lucky, you can get to one of the festivals that are held almost all year round in the capital of Australia. The most popular of them is the music festival. Another popular and colorful holiday is the flower festival, which lasts for a whole month. And the most remarkable thing is that you can look at all this splendor from a bird’s eye view, taking a short walk over the city in a real hot air balloon.

Canberra, Australia

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