Be Creator of a Web of Drug Trafficking Has Penalty: Chain Perpetua

by | July 10, 2017

American Justice has already ruled against Ross Ulbricht: imprisonment. The minimum sentence that called for the creator of the best-known web of illegal drug trafficking, Silk Road, It was 20 years. Finally the judge has established the penalty of imprisonment for up to seven offences, including drug trafficking and money-laundering.

Silk Road was closed three years ago and its creator, then stopped. The New York judge argues that it has been responsible for the movement of some 200 million dollars in the sale of drugs, of which he would have been at least 18 million thanks to more than 100,000 users, 4,000 sellers and one accounts supply of up to 13,000 illegal drugs.

This decision of justice remains to be seen if it has effect on the proliferation of sites similar to Silk Road, which have grown from the year 2013 under the protection of the Deep Web.

Main result of the great RAID in the deep Internet

Although the arrest of the head of the so-called Silk Road 2.0, Blake Benthall, was the most remarkable fact of the Cyber-raid carried out recently in the deep Internet, great research that originated by the case of Ulbricht has left an amalgam of arrests, sites closed and even cases of corruption with federal agents involved.

All of these sites were managed in the so-called Deep Web. If you want to learn more about what you can do in this Internet not accessible by the search engines, you have at your disposal our story, where we tell you how it was spending a week in the Deep Web and what we are.