Bali, Java & Houseboat in Borneo’s Unexplored Jungle

A tailor-made tour that takes you through Bali and Java’s cultural treasures and stunning scenery. Seasoned with an unforgettable houseboat ride along meandering rivers in Kalimantan – Indonesian Borneo as featured on best-medical-schools.

The journey begins on the Island of the Gods – Bali where you get to explore Bali’s culture, nature and beaches. In Yogyakarta you will see the beautiful Borobudur temples before the journey takes you to the surreal lunar landscapes of Mount Bromo. And another highlight during the trip awaits in the form of jungle and houseboat in Tanjung Puting National Park. The tour ends on Bali’s beaches with sun, sand and surf.

Day 1: Departure from Scandinavia

Departure from Scandinavia to Bali – Indonesia.

Day 2: Arrival in Sanur

Upon arrival in Bali, look for your driver who is waiting for you with a sign with your name. You drive directly to the hotel in Sanur, a journey of about 30 minutes depending on traffic.

Day 3-4: Sanur

The day after arrival, a short information meeting awaits at Jysk Service Center’s office, where you will receive practical information about your trip and a presentation of the various experiences and activities in Bali. Sanur is one of the more peaceful and tranquil tourist areas in Bali. There is a cozy promenade where you can experience the sunrise over Bali early in the morning. There are also many restaurants and places for shopping and massage. It is also possible to rent a bicycle to get around the city, and many day trips are arranged in the area. ( F )

Day 5: Sanur – Lovina

On the way north you will visit Mengwi and the beautiful royal temple Taman Ayun. It is one of the oldest temples in Bali and built in the traditional way. Then the journey continues up into the mountains to Bedugul and the famous market. Spices, flowers, fruit and more are sold here. In the area is also the beautiful temple dedicated to the rice goddess Ulun Danu. The temple is located on the way down to Bratansjön and the area also has a pagoda for Buddhists. There is also a mosque for Muslims, so it is an area that “embraces” Bali’s different religions. After these visits, the tour continues up into the beautiful Balinese mountain landscape with a view of the Twin Islands and further towards the beautiful waterfall in Munduk. Late in the afternoon you will arrive in Lovina. ( F ) (entrance fees, lunch and tips are not included in the price)

Day 6: Lovina

A new wonderful day awaits you on the north coast of Bali. You can hike up the mountains or take a day trip to the “hidden waterfall” Lemukih. The hot springs and the beautiful Buddhist temple can be visited early in the morning. Lovina is known for its black lava beaches and its calm pace. The beach overlooks the beautiful volcanoes of Java. ( F )

Day 7: Lovina – Ubud

After breakfast you travel to Ubud. The journey goes through the former northern Balinese capital Singaraja. The road winds further up in the mountains and along the route there are many fantastic viewpoints. At the top of the mountain is the large Kintamani crater, and from here you can enjoy the view of the volcano Batur (1717 masl), one of Bali’s active volcanoes. Enjoy lunch and the beautiful view. After lunch, head to one of the many coffee plantations where it is possible to see how the coffee is grown and produced. We visit the beautiful and often well-visited temple Tirta Empul, where the Balinese themselves go for purification and to fetch holy water for their many ceremonies. Before we arrive in Ubud, we drive through Celuk, where you can see up close how the special silver craft “filigree” is made. Late in the afternoon you will arrive in Ubud. (F ) (entrance fees, lunch and tips are not included in the price)

Day 8-9: Ubud

Ubud with surroundings offers a lot to see and do. This is Bali’s artistic center, which is also known for yoga, meditation and relaxing spa stays. There are many interesting shops, museums, galleries and not least dance performances in the city. If you are a little adventurous, you can go rafting down the rivers, cycle or climb either Batur (1717 masl) or the volcano Agung (3142 masl). Also pay a visit to the interesting markets and the unique restaurants. In addition, Ubud has many great hiking trails just outside the city that you can explore on your own. ( F )

Day 10: Ubud – YogyakartaBorobudur

Early departure from Ubud to the airport awaits. Most flights to Yogyakarta depart early in the morning. Upon arrival, it takes off directly to the beautiful Hindu temple Prambanan. The temple was built in 890, and then had its heyday. Today it is dilapidated and consists of a beautiful area with ruins. The large main buildings are beautifully restored and it is easy to get a sense of how big it was during its heyday. Afterwards, the journey continues towards the large sultan’s palace Kraton, and then a visit to the water palace Taman Sari awaits. After lunch, head to the Magalang area, where you will check in at a hotel. ( F , L )

Day 11: Borobudur TempleYogyakarta

Equipped with a flashlight, early in the morning you begin the trek up to the top of the huge Borobudur temple complex, built in 870 and reportedly the world’s largest Buddhist monument. It is an unforgettable experience when the sun sends its first rays and the morning mist lightens. You will have time to study in detail the many reliefs on the various terraces. After that, the hotel and breakfast await. Afterwards you can visit two smaller temple complexes at Pawon and Mendut. The trip then goes back to Yogyakarta, where you can take a closer look at two special crafts that are practiced in the area. You will see how the beautiful fabrics with traditional batik prints are made and how the production of the special Wayan Kulit dolls used in shadow theater takes place. After lunch, it’s time to experience the city on your own. ( F, L )

Day 12: Yogy map – Train journey – Mount Bromo

After early breakfast, departure from the hotel to the local central station awaits, where you hop on the air-conditioned train to the east. The train takes you through the varied landscape, a journey of about 4 hours. Upon arrival in Jombang, your driver is ready to take you up into the mountains around the Bromo Volcano. Several stops take place along the road. Late in the afternoon you will arrive at the hotel and then you can enjoy the area. ( F , L )

Day 13: Mount BromoSurabaya

Early in the morning you take a jeep to lookout points at Penanjankan, where many visitors gather to see the first rays of the sun hit the beautiful Bromo volcano. It’s a chilly experience (some months are colder than others), but the experience is always just as amazing and the camera is guaranteed to be used. Then you go down into the crater itself, which has a diameter of 60 km. It is a large sand desert that you drive through. At the Hindu temple, the tour starts up towards the Bromo volcano. It is also possible to get up on horseback or on foot. Stairs lead up to the crater, so you can look directly down into the volcano. Afterwards, the tour returns to your hotel where breakfast is served. Late check-out awaits before continuing on to Surabaya. You spend the night near the airport, because you are going on new experiences the next day. (F )

Day 14: Surabaya – Pangkalanbun – Kumai

You fly from Java with one or more stops to the city of Pangkalanbun in the southern part of Kalimantan (Borneo). On arrival you will be welcomed by your local guide. He will take you to the port of Kumai, which is the entrance to the Tanjung Outing National Park. To get to Seikonyer, cross the Kumai River, which is the most important river in the area. As this is a houseboat trip, the means of transport will be a local globe. It is a basic “barge”, where mattresses with mosquito nets will be placed on the deck during the night. It sounds very simple but is a “luxurious experience” in a local context. During the night, the houseboat will anchor under the trees, and you may be lucky enough to see rhesus monkeys. The houseboat has a simple toilet and a simple bath on board. ( F )

Day 15: Tanjung Puting National Park

After a good night’s sleep, and after getting used to the many amazing sounds of the rainforest, it’s time for breakfast. The houseboat takes you up the calm and peaceful river. It is very relaxing and not least a unique experience. You will reach Camp Leakey, which is one of the few rehabilitation centers for orangutans. The river and forest are full of life, such as birds, monkeys, fish and crocodiles. Upon arrival at Camp Leakey, take a walk to the feeding area to see the orangutans up close. Camp Leakey is the first center and it was opened in 1971 by the primatologist Berute Galdikas. Here the orangutans roam freely. It is a fascinating sight to see the interaction between the animals. After this you return to the boat and continue the trip along the river. Once again, a wonderful overnight stay in the houseboat on the river awaits. (F )

Day 16: Tanjung Puting National Park

You start early in the morning around 06.00 to hear the rainforest wake up. By now you should be used to the special “sound” of the hornbird. But there are lots of other birds that you can hear and see early in the morning. You have time for the morning feeding in the rehabilitation center in Pondok Tanggui. Here you also get close to the impressive orangutans. Then you go on to see a camp where you work to restore the rainforest by, among other things, planting trees. After lunch on board the boat, you arrive in Tanjung Harapan, an area where the Malays and semi dayak people live on the border of the national park. Here you get an insight into their lifestyle. You also visit the third feeding place for orangutans. In the afternoon you float again on the river and in the evening when the boat docks you may be lucky enough to see fireflies. (F , L , M )

Day 17: Tanjung Puting National Park – Legian

After an early breakfast on the boat, you head towards Kumai again. Due to the flight departures from Pangkalanbun, it is not possible to take part in any further activities in Kalimantan. Dy flies to Surabaya, where you change planes for further flights to Bali. On arrival in Bali you will be greeted by your driver who will take you to your hotel. ( F )

Day 18-19: Stand life

Enjoy your last day, watch the sunrise, shop, walk on the beach or try surfing, for which Bali is world famous. ( F )

Day 20: Departure from Bali

After breakfast there is some free time before you have to check out. You will be picked up and driven to the airport. The time depends on the departure time of the flight. ( F )

Day 21: Arrival in Scandinavia

Overnight stays

Three nights in budget hotels in SanurTwo nights in budget hotels in LovinaThree nights in budget hotels in UbudOne night in budget hotels in Magalang / BorobudurOne night in budget hotels in YogyakartaOne night in budget hotels on Mount BromoOne night in budget hotels in SurabayaThree nights in Indonesian houseboat in the jungleThree nights at a budget hotel in Bali

Bali, Java & Houseboat in Borneo's Unexplored Jungle

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