Angry Birds VR, The Inevitable Rovio Game with a Huge like Superman 64


During the last years we have seen how Rovio has been squeezing the most its franchise of Angry Birds, refusing to leave behind the success which accounted for him in his day and launching refried and new games non-stop instead of leaving the past behind and try to give the Bell with any new franchise of games for mobiles.

Is why at this stage we’re curing haunted, what makes that the news of today does not surprise us as much as we should, as It was clear that late or early had to get: Rovio has just announce official Angry Birds VR, its commitment to bring the birds kamikaze to a virtual reality that this year promises to hit with force in the market.

The @rockinriousa Rock Weekend is on! #flockinRio #Metallica #GearVR

— Angry Birds (@AngryBirds) may 10, 2015

Angry Birds VR announced this week during the festival Rock In Rio USA, and has been shown to the public using a Samsung VR Gear. By displayed with this game finally catches us enfundaremos flying bird costume and We will experience firsthand what it feels like to sow terror causing a genocide in the world of pigs.

Hello Superman 64?

In the image that we have in the header, for the time being the only one that has been spread about this title, see one of the birds flying through some portals, so it is very possible that the game is not so much a remake in VR of launching our characters classic that made them jump to fame, but Perhaps some kind of racing game.

You can call me sick, but to see a bird going through hoops in full flight the first game that has me head is Superman 64, one of those games that got to sit in our retina to be considered one of the worst games ever. It is still early to ensure that Angry Birds VR close to it, but I will not say that the similarities are not reasonable.