All Games from Nintendo for Android Will Be Freemium, Little Word of Its Partner DeNA

DeNA is the partner that Nintendo has chosen to create mobile games together. Recently we learned that the first creation will be Miitomo, a title that has more than that game messaging tool. Finally it will not be this year but it seems that 2016 will be the great year of the Japanese in smartphones and tablets.

While we wait for Miitomo, DeNA has been answering several questions to clarify some doubts we had about these upcoming titles. Has not given large headlines but yes that has served to affirm that they will continue to work with freemium and some other additional details.

Freemium and developments half to share benefits

First thing you clarified DeNA is that all games to launch with Nintendo will follow the free to play model (or free to start as wanted it to call them) and starting from there expect to monetize their creations with micro transactions to buy virtual goods of different types.

The development of each game shall be as the benefits: half. As DeNA explained each title will not have a great impact in its work force and except in specific cases they will be games that are made between the different teams. By extension, the income will be distributed that way.

About a possible glut in its services by having to accommodate as many users of Nintendo DeNA says that it is prepared to do so and says that it is one of the strengths of the company: support a great user base. As a former player of some of their titles, I have to admit they do a magnificent job although some maintenance times are very long.

On the delay of Miitomo explained that the reason is in the window of launch and creen which release it later will lead to a greater impact. True or not, there is as an official explanation, maybe Nintendo this Christmas prefer concentrate their efforts on consoles and in 2016 more emphasis on mobile.

When Nintendo announced Miitomo should recognize that many were quite cold. We expected something else and what we saw was a messaging tool glorified with Miis, virtual avatars that shot to fame thanks to the commercial success of Wii Sports. Even so, sure that it is a product that can work very well in some markets, we are still waiting because we are sure that the other projects that are underway are most interesting.