Alabama Highlights

Alabama is a state that radiates tranquility. It is one of the so-called ‘redneck states’. The pickup truck is still one of the most driven cars in this state. The state has a turbulent history, but therefore also very interesting sights. Rent a car in Alabama and go on an adventure in this versatile state.

Traffic In And Around Alabama

According to ebizdir, Alabama is a state in the southeastern United States. The state is located on the Gulf of Mexico and the US states of Tennessee, Mississippi, Florida and Georgia. It is a hilly state with a lot of vegetation, which makes it very quiet here. Alabama is on the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, so the north is a fertile, black area of ​​soil that spills over to the swampy Gulf Coast Plain. In between you will find the beautiful hilly prairies and on the coast you will find beautiful sandy beaches.

The speeds you must adhere to vary by state. The speed limit is indicated everywhere in miles. For example, for all vehicles you may drive 40-64 km/h within built-up areas and 64-112 km/h outside built-up areas. On motorways you can increase this to 88-120 km/h. In school zones the speed is limited to 24-32 km/h. Here you also have the chance to see a school bus. If it is on with its flashing lights, you are not allowed to overtake the bus. You must then wait six meters from the bus until the flashing light has gone out. Only then can you continue driving. Use your dipped headlights during the day so that you can always be seen better.

During your holiday in America it is best to visit different states. Keep in mind that each state has its own rules. Therefore, be well aware of the rules of the state in question and how they may differ from the next state you are going to visit.

Visit The US Space And Rocket Center

One of the best attractions in Alabama is the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville. It is recognized as the most comprehensive American human spaceflight museums. Moreover, this is the largest aerospace museum in the world. In the museum you will discover the past, present and future of human space flight: from the first American satellite, Explorer I, to the Sierra Nevada Dream Chaser. Explore space and see how astronauts reached the stars at this wonderful museum. You can attend dozens of exhibits and even admire the Pathfinder, a full space shuttle display. You can also take a seat in an IMAX theater for an educational film.

Take The Civil Rights Tour In Birmingham

Birmingham has many places that have played an important role in the development of civil rights in the past. Taking a tour of the city will take you past all the key sites while explaining why Birmingham was an integral part of the fall of segregation. You will visit Linn Park, Boutwell Auditorium, Parker High School and the historic Bethel Baptist Church. It is an interesting tour where the history of the state of Alabama will really sink in.

USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park

Here you go a little deeper into the history of the Second World War. You can take a self-guided tour of two National Historic Landmarks: the USS Alabama and the USS Drum submarine. In the USS Alabama you can take a look at life on a warship: step into the kitchen and walk into the conference and radio room. The USS Drum is the oldest American submarine and helped sink Japanese warships. You can also see 28 historic aircraft and military vehicles in the aircraft pavilion. Other wars are also recognized in the military park. For example, an exhibition of the Great War was opened in March 2016 and you will find a Korean memorial, the Vietnam Memorial, the 9/11 Memorial and a memorial for the dogs of the military service.

USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park

Coming Up They In The Alabama Hills

The Alabama Hills is a beautiful natural park with rock formations that have often been used in Western films. It is a series of hills and rock formations on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada. Here you walk and drive on sandy roads along those brown, jagged rocks that form a nice contrast with the Sierra Nevada mountains in the background. But here you will also find a large number of natural rock arches such as the Mobius Arch and the Eye of Alabama. During sunset and sunrise you will experience a beautiful color spectacle on the desert hills.


Columbus is the capital and with 790,000 inhabitants also the largest city in the state of Ohio. The river Scioto flows through the middle of the city, which divides the city into two parts. There are many nature reserves around the city that, together with the city, ensure that it is a beautiful holiday destination. With a car from a car rental in Columbus you can go and see everything.

The traffic rules in the United States are almost the same as those in the Netherlands. There are two major differences. Firstly, the traffic is not as aggressive as in the Netherlands. Secondly, the Americans obey the traffic rules better. The traffic around the big cities, however, is an exception.

There are plenty of things to do and see in the city. Huntington Park is the place to go to watch a typical American baseball game. If you want to go shopping, there is the Easton Town Center, a beautiful shopping center and a very nice part of the city to walk through and see. If you want to be able to go everywhere, you can rent a car at a car rental in Columbus.


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