4.4 Android Will Let Know Us in Advance That Will Sound an Alarm If We Cancel It

Sure that on more than one occasion you’ve awakened minutes until the alarm sounds, you woke and after a while began to sound the alarm because you forgot to cancel it. As well, to avoid esto and other similar situations Android 4.4 will warn us in advance that alarm will sound coming soon.

When we switch to an Android 4.4 alarm will warn us with two hours in advance with a silent notification which is the next alarm in sound. This notice can remove it, whereupon the alarm would sound normal, or We cannot ignore at that time, that alarm in order to finally not play.

If we decide to delete notice of next alarm notification we will again appear when missing half an hour in order to play. When it fails that half an hour notification already can not be deleted, will be a persistent notification, which already or we ignore it in order to not play or look forward to sound to ignore it or postpone it.