YouTube Is Testing a Bar to Tell You Where You’Ve Been in a Video

On YouTube there is everything, and although surely finish watching the video of a hilarious kitten that lasts 4 seconds, other videos they can last for hours. Do you won’t be able to finish the video? No problem, YouTube is testing a new feature to remember where you’ve been and show it in a progress bar.

As he has discovered a user of YouTube, videos “to mean” show new progress bar up your name indicating What percentage you’ve seen. As you might expect, to open the video continues from this point rather than start from the beginning.

This function is a more advanced and accurate of the normal behavior, where any video that you open in the player is marked automatically as Seen, No matter that you’ve stopped it to media playback.

YouTube loves to experiment with your application, so it can not assure certain that this progress bar runs out “graduating” and is available to all users as its new integrated messaging service.

For now YouTube now remembers where you’ve been continues playback at that exact point, but does not have any visual indication of this and only happens in videos for a significant duration (for example, more than fifteen minutes).