Your IPad Security Cameras

Geovision launched on March 7, 2011 the new GV-iView HD mobile surveillance application for the Apple iPad. GV-iView HD is an application for remote viewing of your GV system, through the iPad tablet, for up to 32 cameras.In addition to viewing, you can also control mobile cameras, trigger outputs, and play back recordings.

Another plus point is that it is free, just like all other Geovision applications for Apple and Android mobile devices.See below the system requirements, how to install and how to set up yours as well.

System requirements
iPad OS 4.2.1 or higher
GV system version 8.3.2 or higher
Data port 8866, port RPB 5511, and HTTP port 80.
4550 command port and 5550 data port (both for PTZ control)
TCP / IP Protocol (JPEG)

Main features
Live view
Remote Playback (RPB)
PTZ Control
Control of outputs

Download GV-iView HD
Click here to download the free GV-iView HD app.

Installing GV-iView HD
You can install the GV-iView HD application from the iTunes Store.

  1. Connect your phone to your computer.
    2. Look for GV-iView in the iTunes Store.
  2. Click on Free Download and enter your Apple ID and password. The GV-iView HD download is started for your mobile device.

Running GV-iView HD

To allow remote access to the GV system, enable the following functions:

  1. On the main screen, click the Network button, select WebCam Server, click the JPG tab, and select Create JPEG/GIF File (s).
  2. Click the Mobile tab, and enable the communication port settings.
  3. Click OK to start the WebCam server.

If a router or firewall is installed, make sure that the communication ports required by the WebCam server are open: port 80 for HTTP, port 443 for HTTPS (if SSL is enabled), port 8866 for Live View, and port 5511 for RPB.

  1. Start GV-iView-HD on iPad.
  2. At the login screen, enter the IP address of the GV-System, port (default is 8866), ID (user), and password. Then press Connect.After the connection is established, six cameras will appear live.
  3. Select ON for HTTPS if SSL is enabled on the WebCam Server.If the default SSL port 443 on the WebCam server is modified, specify the new port number used for HTTPS connection at the end of the IP address, for example,

Playing back recordings

See the steps below to view logged events in the GV system and play them back.

Note that Remote Playback (RPB) is supported only if the video was recorded at CIF resolution or lower.In addition, remote playback does not support playback of video files recorded on Geovision IP devices.

  1. On the login screen, press the RPB View button
  2. Enter the GV system IP address, port (default is 5511), ID and password. You can also search the recordings for a specific date and time by selecting RPB Time Setting and entering the date and time. Then press Connect .
  3. Select the desired recordings from the list of events to play. Use the Change cam button in the upper right corner to switch cameras.

Other Functions

After enlarging a channel, you will find the following control buttons.

PTZ speed control for PTZ cameras

Click anywhere on the PTZ camera screen to open the PTZ speed options.Select the desired PTZ speed level.Higher value means higher speed.

Accessing I/O Devices

  1. Press the Enable I/O button .A screen similar to the following image appears.
  2. Use the left and right buttons to change the I/O module, and use the scroll bar to change the output device.
  3. Press IO Module 1 (output:1) to manually force the output to be activated.

My Favorite

On the login screen you can find the My Favorite option, allowing you to add multiple links from GV-System servers for fast connections. Up to 50 links can be created.