Your House Will Look Bigger with These Tricks for Windows

We have discussed sometimes tricks to make our House look more healthy, beautiful, bright, and comfortable as possible. Today we want to make mention of a part of our home in which, a priori, no repair especially, but which is the big reason that can hide behind a House  bright and cosy. Usually, a luminous House optically seems broader. If the light that we have is natural, better. If still not this aspect of your home you’ve raised you, but you like to look much more ‘appealing’ not only your eyes, but in the eyes of your guests, come with us!

What do we do first? Identify all the House Windows and view them carefully. It’s the first step to keep in mind before we ‘get to work’. Ever have thought in natural light bulbs that accounts at home? Are like, what size have or if their role well? You’ve perhaps not noticed this, but that curtain that you liked so much and placed without thinking is producing the effect opposite to where you wanted, given its hue and texture. There are very thick curtains or whose print is so ‘obvious’ to create the effect of poor light and, in addition, subtract charm the space not well let natural light. We invite you, therefore, to do so. Check out one by one and thinks of all this. Change the curtains or blinds can be the first step. Opt for the raw or beige tones, or the same ‘nuclear’ target. You will notice much change!

Another issue in which not always ‘fall’ is in the see if we have filled with furniture and decorative elements the front of our window. If in front of it there are a comfortable and over thousand and a tackle that well see if there really is a window or is it a wall, you’re making another mistake. Leave this area free and visually you will already notice a big change.

And what about the type of windows? We must also pay attention to this more technical part and that often generates more laziness when it comes to rethink our decoration. The change of materials requires reform, however small that is. Review them well. If you have old windows, window other than PVC and whose edges are thick, probably finish them changing. Not only for aesthetic reasons. This type of windows left to freely circulate the air, becoming a very unwise idea during the cold winter months. It is always best choice investing, if you can from the beginning, in sustainable and thermal glazing, possibly being stolen the least possible space to our room.

An idea that reigns in some European countries and that ‘costs us a little’, given our customs, is completely bare windows. This sensation of purity, nudity and total glazing, will help to make House look visually larger. ‘And you don’t already have’ light! If you do not dare to put it into practice in all rooms of the House, play with those who do not need great intimacy. It is the case of a firm or a hall or dining room; We do not usually spend too much time in these places and activities we do there have ‘nothing to hide’.

And if yours is the decoration, we return to textiles. Become a semi-transparent curtains, white fine linen hyper curtains or perhaps with a few shades in raw tones and, again, are the most light possible. Another little trick that can work is the recreate the same pattern in the entire stay: opt for warm but functional furniture without ‘ much ornament, as well as by raw tones and chairs sofas as clearly as possible.

And remember that you can find many more ideas and tips for decorating your home…
see you soon!

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