Your Car with Auto Android Can Also Carry a Homemade ROM in The Future

Android Auto still It is far from becoming something so massive as mobile phones and it will take time until we see it in our cars. It will little by little, and although still the mass of users is small, there is much interest in this new platform. Interest enough so that they are already planning to make changes in the system and create custom ROMs.

Yes, you read correctly. As it happened in his day with mobiles and Android tablets, Some users are interested in modifying the Auto Android ROMs to modify them. Specifically, they have managed to bypass the security of the Pioneer AVIC to install a different version to that offered by the manufacturer of series.

A first step for ROMs home

The forum dedicated to this model of AVIC explains that they have managed to unlock the SD card that includes the entertainment system and manipulate it so that the Starter is different from the series and thus ensure that we launch a different version. Step by step is very simple, both featuring a wizard web page that will guide the user through the process.

The problem, of course, is that at the moment there are very few units of AVIC and most users are in the United States by trying it and tinkering to activate and change different options going to be tricky at the moment. For the time being, This is a first step for the community of users, one very large addition.

This movement has just begun and currently there are no ROMs ready to install Android car. Over time they will be coming and, as with mobile phones and tablets, the variety and quality will depending on how popular that each device. That said, probably you are wondering It does this affect the safety of my car? can it hack?

Short answer: Yes, but no. Sure that these days you read news of how is possible to hack a Tesla or Chrysler car relatively easily (especially in the first case). Android Auto works to another level and at no time has to do with the driving of the car system.

As in Android, there is a risk that access our data taking advantage of the vulnerabilities of the system but at no time will affect control of the vehicle. Think that the platform is a multimedia center and a navigation service, is not as integrated as in the cases that we have seen recently.