You Want to “Like” the New Video Ads from Facebook

The infamous video commercials from the social networking giant is neither forced nor distracting.

As late as yesterday there was rife rumors that Facebook would now introduce yourself-playback information video commercials, there also were forced.

Now Facebook has, in a press release, confirmed that they begin rollout of video advertising this week.

Facebook says also that they have been working on the possibility of better interageren with video since September.

There was something about the case
Giant confirms that initially will be advertised for the film “Divergent”, however, in a different way than the rumors suggested. The advertisement will automatically start playback when it pops up in the news. The video takes over, however, not the screen, and so does not force you to anything.

However, the freedom to choose
You can scroll past, if not you’re interested, the video does not disturb. It is silent in the first place. Do you want to see the already ongoing video, press the. With a opens the video in “full screen” and automatically turn off the sound. You can at any time terminate when you want.

When the video is over, there will emerge a few other clips up, which could be of interest. Just like we know it from Youtube. Facebook also points out that video-advertising that runs on advance is downloaded over Wifi. This solution will therefore not use any data that may have unwanted cost to you.

Much can be said about advertising in General, but when implementation is completed as here, then it could well be interesting.

Would you also be able to see the feature in action, you can find the video through the link here.