You Can See Videos from Facebook on Your Chromecast

Sometimes the mobile screen gets us small to see some videos and the small and inexpensive Google Chromecast comes to the rescue to allow you to send videos from mobile to TV. Obviously, YouTube supports years shipping to Chromecast, and more recently joined Vimeo. The great absentee so far was Facebook.

Facebook takes longer time trying to boost the weight of the part of your social network videos, being the most famous representation of it the video platform live, but something was still lacking: power send videos to TV. Function was as a few months in testing (saw it in May) and are now sufficiently satisfied with the result to begin its deployment to all.

The TV icon

Instead of using the already pseudoestandar icon of Cast (waves to TV) we saw in the previous tests, Facebook has opted for an icon of a television. You will find it in the button bar of the Android video player.

Clicking the button opens a separate window which will appear, now yes, Chromecast icon, and another button for connect. You must choose the device and then press connect to start playback.

Chromecast for Facebook support shows you the reactions hearing about the video in real-time for live videos,