Yahoo! Researchers Create Algorithm That Finds the Most Beautiful Way on the Map

In 2014, no one doubts how to use a GPS, right? But they always show the quickest route, and sometimes you have plenty of time to enjoy the view of the city a little bit.

Thinking about it, the researchers Yahoo! They began work in an algorithm that instead of providing the best path option taking into account the time, does considering the landscape. And for now, the algorithm has worked.

The tests were done first in London and then in Boston and tested by residents of the two cities, both were approved.

To choose the paths, the team, led by Daniele Quercia created an algorithm based on people’s opinions on the site UrbanGems. The site, created by them, features pictures of Google Street View and Geograph and allows visitors to vote on the image to find more beautiful.

So they threw the collected data on a map. When looking for a way, it acts as a normal GPS, searching all possible routes, and the beauty factor is then added. The route chosen in the end is the one that has the landscapes with higher grades according to the polls on UrbanGems.

For the city of Boston, the process to find the most beautiful roads was made ​​on Flickr: the team looked patterns that related to beauty according to research done for the map in London and applied to find the beautiful places of the American city . Again, the volunteers passed choices.

The most interesting thing about this is that, although not the fastest paths chosen, they are about 12% longer than the others. However, the routes, at least to this stage of the research, are for pedestrians only.

So there is great appeal in the idea for tourist use. The next step of Daniele Quercia team is to create an application and test it in several US cities and Europe.