Yahoo Mail Beta Available for Those Who Have the Courage to Test

The new Yahoo Mail has everything to succeed among its users. From today, those interested can now activate your account email service test version of Yahoo, one of the most used in the world. All beta has its limitations, of course, but the email that Yahoo is offering already proved to be very solid in their purposes.

Starting with the new design, which draws attention by purple account. Remember the ad campaign that said not to underestimate the purple, the official color of Yahoo? Well then, it’s good not also underestimate the purple and email, as this is the default color of the new Yahoo Mail in the testing stage.

There are three basic tabs that users can explore: New, Inbox, and Contacts. The input and Contacts box is similar to Gmail , but News reserves some interesting surprises as the most searched items that moment on Yahoo or the latest updates from friends on blog and related services (more or less like the new Messenger is in its social fabric).

Yahoo Mail Beta released today has been completely rewritten from scratch, an effort engineering and much of Yahoo’s staff. The company’s promise is to check and write email will be faster task because the servers response was faster.

In addition, the e-mail service has integration with very popular web services like Flickr(a Yahoo company), the Twitter and Facebook. According to Yahoo, viewing photos and videos easier, as it can now be done in sequence.

Unlike some competitors – read: Google – do, Yahoo released the new Yahoo Mail Beta interface in Portuguese in Brazil. You can test it by visiting this page. We must accept the terms of service.