Xiaomi Watch Looks over The Leg… Although They Are Only Rumors

Ago long who is talking about a hypothetical smartwatch of Xiaomi, and obviously all we know that the successful Chinese firm will launch a smart watch before or after. The own Hugo Barra confirmed it, but then leaving in the air deadlines saying that they wanted to see the needs of the users and the evolution of the market.

Yesterday intensified the rumors and today we already you have the first information about the Xiaomi Watch, Although for the moment only in the form of rumors that could not be described as more or less reliable.

As you can see, the data have been filtered through Twitter by Leaksfly, and this makes that we should take with tweezers everything said and staying just with that Xiaomi is already working on the design of your smart watch.

@leaksfly Xiaomi watch, 560mAh battery, MIUI Watch OS based on Android Wear.

— leaksfly (@leaksfly) July 23, 2015

Specifically, we speak of a clock with screen of 1.3 inches -don’t know if circular or square-, 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal storage, with a chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 low consumption. So far there is nothing rare and might take it as “expected”.

There will be sensors for physical quantification and a heart rate monitor, which also expected and come as no surprise to anyone, since Xiaomi has my band 1S with similar functions.

Where if there are surprises is in battery, as it is said that the Chinese company has managed to place a lithium battery with 560 mAh capacity, almost double than the rest of the competition, What would ensure an acceptable autonomy in a smart watch.

In the software section, refers to that will be with MIUI Watch OS, which leaves us in the air the possibility of that is based on Android or an operating system owner, MIUI is based on AOSP but Android Wear is a platform too closed to speak of a deep customization like MIUI. Will Xiaomi worked on the reduction of AOSP for your watch there be?

We’ll see how they move the information around Xiaomi Watch, but for now Hopefully an attractive price and a face at the end of year release, It is rumored that in November. If the rumors are true, it will be a pity to drop a smartwatch that seems interesting hardware GPS chip.