Working Conditions at the Apple Factory Significantly Improved

Can you remember that Apple and Foxconn promised to do something about the miserable working conditions? Now happens something.

Foxconn and Apple has previously been in the spotlight for the miserable working conditions, and has also promised to improve them so that employees, among other things, must not work more than 60 hours per week and for a better salary.

A recently released report from the “China Labour Watch” shows that Foxconn is still not manage to reduce the monthly overtime to 36 hours, but it also shows that at the factory are made serious efforts and that we now have coped with 356 out of the 360 points we promised to improve working conditions.

Apple has also commented on the investigation, the weekly working hours for all suppliers is under 53 hours, well below the limit of 60 hours. At the same time, we have improved the situation with extra toilets and multiple outputs.
Apple acknowledges that there is still more to do, and promise to do everything they can to help solve the remaining problems.

The report is released and can be read in pdf format here.