Women’s Silver Necklace

The ring is a prop used by women and men, nowadays there is no distinction, men and women wear rings, and even the golden ring being the favorite of all, the silver ring is also much used. As well as all the silver ring also requires some care in your daily use. But before I talk about how you must care for and clean your silver ring, let’s go back in history and find out where the ring.


The ring is pretty old, there is no record in the Bible that women adorned with necklaces and rings. Among the Greeks and Romans the ring was used by some men and he meant that the citizen who possessed the ring was good overseer and worthy to receive honor, at this time only the nobles used ring. It was also used for the authentication of documents, the ring had a symbol or coat that referred to honor, fidelity, among others.

Already the ring as a symbol of marriage arose among the Romans and Greeks and is used in the fourth finger because they believed that the vein to the heart would stop by, and this custom is used until today. Japanese mythology adopted the use of the rings on every finger and could only be taken after death.

The rings are used for many years and each season he earned a meaning and a function, has been seen as a symbol of wealth. Today the rings are quite common and there are of all kinds, from rings with precious stones to brass rings and coconut.

Watch the silver ring

If you have a silver ring knows very well that he gets dark, this is a natural process of oxidation of silver and doesn’t happen because the stuff you bought is bad or is not silver. The silver is a very sensitive, cannot stay exposed for a long time in the heat and humidity, moreover, silver can contact with creams, ointments, perfumes, lotions or something. And yet the oxidation will happen, so to get back to natural shine polishing needs to be done.

For you to keep your silver ring any longer, you should take some care as:

  • Avoid contact with sweat, cosmetics and medicines, not to accelerate oxidation.
  • Keep the ring kept in its box, or any bag, it should be protected from light.
  • Avoid contact with chemicals such as chlorine and cleaning product.

To clean the ring you can use the call magic, flannel it has a special chemical that enhances the brightness, but this can’t be wet flannel. Another option is a bucks he’s own liquid to get the deep oxidation of the piece. To use you should follow air packing rules. You may have already heard that toothpaste helps clear the jewel, it may even help clean up some, but silver. The folder can scratch the ring because it is an abrasive.

The purity of the silver

The silver ring that you have at home is not 100% Silver. No matter the price you paid for it, it will never be completely silver, that’s because pure silver is soft and fragile. For her to make a ring or other piece of jewelry, she needs to call and is mixing with other metals that she can stay as we see in stores. With gold is the same thing, he also needs to be mixed with other metals to make it more strong and sturdy.

That’s why when you go to buy a silver jewel she has sorting, for example, 950 silver is the classification of silver with copper, thus 950 g to 1000 g is silver and the rest is copper. There is also the standard 925. This is a law known as sterling silver that guides and punish that manufactures parts with smaller quantities than those cited. To give you an idea, this law was created in the 13th century by the King of Portugal Dom Afonso II and is maintained today as international standard manufacture.