Women’s Espadrilles Summer

Comfortable and practical, the Espadrilles, characterized for being rustic, raw materials for more than 600 years in northeastern Spain, more precisely in the region of Catalunya.Around the mid-20’s, were called spartoí (eponymous name rustic material they were made) and began to be used by Spanish soldiers during the Civil war due to the extreme comfort provided. However, article vivaram the hands of fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent that embodied, in the 60, took the model to the walkways, popularizing it from there.

One of the main trends of women’s shoes for summer 2012, this is the model of all, is gaining more evidence. Also known in Brazil as the sneakers, the espadrilles are pieces that have rope sole, a detail that gives a rustic appearance and, at the same time, quite sophisticated footwear.

Originally, the espadrilles are made in cotton via SHOE-WIKI.com, but today they can be found in endless different versions, with mix of textures, colors and fabrics. And in the most varied models: more high or low, and anabela type styles, and platform sandals.

The espadrilles are perfect for looks with dresses, shorts, skirts and shorts. Let visual fresh and delicate. Try still use the sandálinha hit with jump rope to create looks more striking and with summer’s face. Combine with loose dresses, overalls and jeans.

For more romantic or stylish productions, she suits with ruffled skirts and pants flare and style pantaloons. Another tip is to invest in accessories and parts in natural fabrics in shades of white, off-white, Orange, raw and earthy. If you want something more colorful, bet on pieces with navy and floral prints.