Winter Wedding Dresses

Winter wedding dresses, here are the most beautiful models 2015 and top trends from brides when temperatures are particularly low. Change the cuts, colors and coats to wear on her wedding day.

Wedding in the winter? No problem, just wear something appropriate: a winter wedding dress that match possibly a wrap or a fur bolero. There are few weddings that are held in winter, usually couples prefer to marry for convenience in summer, but there are still those who cannot give up the romantic atmosphere of winter, as is the case with a Christmas wedding. Change the patterns of the clothes, but also change the colors, which are definitely more dull and dark, with a color palette ranging from cream to black, passing by the warm tones of red and Burgundy. Thus we discover together the most beautiful winter wedding gowns for maternity of Maternityguides.

Fabrics with low temperatures are warmer and it is not uncommon to find long sleeved wedding dresses but made with lace and tulle in such a way as to make visible arms anyway, so swaddled too figure. Alternatively, in the event that the dress does not look too minimal it is not uncommon that the sleeves are made of silk or satin, both on soft dresses Mermaid. Alternatively for the bride who wants to wear the classic Princess gown with Sweetheart neckline and shoulder, the wrap is the perfect compromise, or alternatively a fur bolero jacket to wear because it’s really cold. Some brands specialize also realize that match the dress even a real coat, let alone jackets and capes that are part of the outfit, then paired with suits involving the presence.

Reverse trends also in color. Premium dark colours and cool season off, so it is not rare to find even dresses trimmed with black embroidery or bright colors such as red. As an alternative to the classic bride, rather than the pure white, the color most recommended is the cream, which is looking a bit calmer and that well suits the season.

You’re getting married in winter and you’re not sure of what kind of dress to wear for the wedding? Try to take inspiration from our gallery.