Winter Olympic Games 2014 Ice Skating

The Olympic Games in Sochi for the Netherlands showed the most successful games ever. With 24 medals Netherlands finished fifth in the medal standings. Skating proved to be a sport where the Netherlands were by far the best country in the world. During the various components looked million to our???? heroes on the ice. In this commentary, we look back at the port where we were so well: skating.

Dutch rule Skating Rink

On day one of the Olympics was immediately a huge success.Sven Kramer won his first gold medal in this Olympics of five kilometers. He was joined on stage by two other Dutch. Jan Blokhuijsen won silver and Jorrit Bergsma finished with the bronze in the hands. This was only the third time in the Games history that has taken the stage at a distance of three riders from the same country. It turned out not to be the last for the Netherlands.
A day later Ireen Wüst took gold at three kilometers from the Czech Martina Sáblíková and Russian Olga Graf. This Wüst is the first Dutch Olympian who picks a gold medal at three consecutive games. In 2006, she won gold in the 3000 meters, 2010 meters gold in 1500 and now again in the 3000 meters.
Orange re-scene
in the 500 meters in the men stopped Michel Mulder, Jan Smeekens and Ronald Mulder, despite the fact that the three of us on the podium. The gold went to first referred to Smeekens with only one hundredth of continuing. In the 500 meters women felt Margot Boer to take the bronze medal. For the first time in history, completed a Dutch woman on the podium at this short distance. The gold went to the South Korean Sang Hwa Lee and silver at the Russian Olga Fatkulina.
At 1000 meters a day later Stefan Groothuis won gold in the men’s and Michel Mulder took bronze. The silver went to the Canadian Denny Morrison. For Groothuis meant his last chance at a gold medal in the Olympics. He gave advance everything that this would be his last game. The discharge was enormous, also because he was a few years back in a deep depression.
At the same distance conquered Chinese Hong Zhang surprising gold in the women. Ireen Wüst finished second for Margot Boer won her second bronze medal. After this distance, it was Friday a rest day for skaters. There were a total of eleven medals won and it can already be called a successful game.

The Quest for More Success

On Saturday, February 15, 2014 1500 meters joined men began. No clear favorite this time, but according to bookmakers Koen Verweij had good chances for a gold medal. But he seemed three thousandths slower than the Pole Zbigniew Bródka. Verweij was disappointed with the silver and bronze went to Denny Morrison. In the women appeared again been ?? One, two, drietje ??. Jorien Ter Mors conquered for the first time in his career a gold medal, again Ireen Wüst won the silver and bronze went to Lotte van Beek.
Expectations for ten kilometers were high, partly due to the success achieved in the past. Sven Kramer, Jorrit Bergsma and Bob de Jong were the favorites and it was to be an Orange-stage again. Leading up to this race reported Norwegians are already wondering, because they saw no chance for a medal and the Russian Ivan Skobrev failed to deliver. Kramer ruled in recent years at ten kilometers. In Vancouver in 2010, he was disqualified remove a faulty substitution and he had a gold medal at these Games. However, it was added silver. Jorrit Bergsma drove the race of his life and set a time when Kramer is very asked. Bob de Jong won the bronze, so it was quite Orange Stage.
In five kilometers in the women won gold for Martina Sáblíková Ireen Wüst. Carien Kleibeuker managed to happy with a bronze medal. She put in her last days a wonderful performance on the mat by finishing on the podium.Wüst was also pleased with his performance. They drove for what it was worth and Czech Sablikova simply proved too strong.
Team pursuits
Finally, the team still had to be driven pursuits. It was also in the Netherlands, both men and women, the top favorite. In the men’s team consisted of Sven Kramer, Koen Verweij, Jan Blokhuijsen and reserve Jorrit Bergsma. The latter resulted in the final resurrection through to pull out of the team. It turned out not to hurt the other three riders. In the quarterfinals was easily aside France and Poland excavated in the semi-final defeat. In the final South Korean waited and this race was something more exciting as before. Eventually the Dutch were still more than three seconds faster. The gold thus went to Kramer, Verweij and Blokhuijsen with men.
In the women was the Dutch one to keep going, and they did. The team consists of Ireen Wüst, Lotte van Beek, marrit leenstra and Jorien best Mother’s obtained, just like men, a stunning gold medal. In the quarterfinals they defeated easily the United States and in the semifinals the Japanese. In the final, met to make the Polish women and they also have no chance. The riders took the Olympic tournament in style.