Winter Fashion Xl

On the rise, the Plus Size fashion is gaining more and more space, ensuring plump women many options of clothing, in different styles. Different from decades ago, where the most plump, for lack of a fashion addressed to this type of consumer, were rejected the use of parts not favored your BioType, made in dubious and exaggerated sizes.

Currently, there are several brands that specialize in pieces exclusively GG, seeking to highlight the ways and identify the needs of women who, though slightly overweight, are happy and comfortable with your body. Breaking with the prejudice, the Plus Size fashion in innovates and brings beautiful pieces each season, serving as inspiration and concept for big brands and their designers.

When it comes to fashion trends winter 2011, the plump esbanjarão style, sophistication and personality in the coming months. Modern and sexy, fashion will rely on a large variety of parts for winter productions.

Democratic and comfortable, this winter promises varied coat models marked with belts, waist high skirts-good tip to reduce the volume of the hip-and dresses that combine very well with boots. Another strong trend is betting on shirts and jackets overlays when the weather cools down.

And no loose clothes and that hide all parts of the body. The idea is to highlight the most beautiful parts of fatties, through as a beautiful molds relaxed neckline open to highlight the area of the breast and cervix-chubby-Fort point, jeans with strategic seams and many combinations of accessories, to leave the Visual super cool.