Winter Fashion Tips For Fat

With the proximity of the winter the shop windows of the shops fill with amazing pieces, after all the menswear WINS almost European outlines in this time of year and the opportunity to dress elegantly has an appeal irresistible! Unfortunately the warm clothes can be a trap for the fatties that try to make it seem more aligned, because a volume, stripe or color in the wrong place are a danger for those who do not want to be chunkier than it already is, see some pieces that will leave your more slender silhouette and others that could disrupt anyone overweight :

1-These Make You More Elegant

the) flat knits the fluted

Warm without adding much bulk, making a good combination over t-shirts and under blazers and coats.

  1. b) V Neck Sweaters

Lengthen your neck and not highlight who has problems with the double chin, besides calling more attention to orosto than to the belly.

  1. c) and simple buttoning jackets Blazers

The way buttoning a vertical line in your hope that helps lengthen it, when opened there and continues your silhouette verticalizing.

  1. d) shirts with vertical stripes

It goes without saying how the vertical stripes help who is overweight, especially if combined with other parts listed here, so that you can form a harmonic set.

and) dark straight Jeans

Not only the jeans, but all parts in dark tones prevent the winter silhouette “sliced”, i.e. alternating light and dark colors create horizontal stripes, creating the illusion that you are lower and plump!

  1. f) dark Shoes and without many details

The dark shoes will stretch your legs if you are using a “dark jeans and nothing better than that to improve your appearance.

  1. g) Scarf without much volume played in the neck

Beware of scarves with much volume, prefer the leaner just played in the neck and not in coils, they fall along the lapel of the jacket or blazer and strengthen that vertical line formed by buttoning the suit.

  1. h) Suspenders

Are a good to avoid that problem that Americans call “muffin top”. You know when the cookie mass escapes and falls to the sides? So, some overweight people face this problem with the belt that ends up holding her stomach and creates exaggerated volumes on the sides, with the strap there is a great chance to end it.

  1. I) Vest

The play gives that aligned in visual and also keeps attention on the face, but give preference to tailor models, fabrics such as jeans or nylon can turn up the volume considerably.

2-These Won’t Help You

the Tricot Knit or Aran Cable)

Are more bulky fabric parts thanks to the braided design created in your plot, in addition, call too much attention to the abdominal area, two things who balance problems don’t really need.

  1. b) light or faded Jeans at the time on the thighs

Clear clothes make people look a little bigger, no doubt, and many people avoid them, but a similar effect occurs with the denim that receives very strong wash in the region of thighs, making the legs stand out too much. The jeans may have a bit of washing, but be discreet and stylish, many details and even torn or stains may pollute too much.

  1. c) Blazers and coats with double buttoning

When closed the tummy, when open are with extra tissue and do not cause that much desired vertical illusion, needless to say, are not recommended.

  1. d) Turtleneck Sweaters

The Turtleneck does your neck disappear and, therefore, let your face rounder, Furthermore, contrary to what many think, can highlight unwanted details such as the double chin. The solution, as stated above, is the v-neck or wear the shirt with one or two buttons open.

  1. e) Shirts, knits and t-shirts with horizontal stripes

Are high, but they are for a few. You could force your use if they are combined with a jacket or shirt over that force a vertical torso line when opened, but even better is avoid.

  1. f) bi-colored Shoes or visually polluted

Shoes with a lot of visual information, and I include also the shoes, they’re not going to create that pleasant illusion of longer legs when combined with dark pants and discreet, in addition usually leave your feet looking bigger, i.e. anything that someone overweight want.

  1. g) bulky Scarf wrapped around his neck

The scarf is a very charming winter accessory, however wrap it with many twists and knots in the neck can cause a negative visual effect.Choose models with tissue thin, but warm and look for simple knots or just throw it on top of the neck, leaving both ends follow down, along the lapels of the coat.

  1. h) nylon jackets

The drained to stay cool and create a sophisticated sports, if combined with certain parts, but those that appear to be inflated with an air pump tend to double your volume.

  1. I) many layers

There are times you hear people say that one of the large terraces of winter’s Mount looks with layers: t-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, cardigans, blazers and jackets, all (or almost all!) all at once. That’s pretty much who is very thin, the fat boys, as well as feel more heat and don’t need as many pieces as well to warm up, they don’t want to increase your silhouette with this amount of tissue, so work on accessories such as glasses, watch and scarf and dispense the “layers”.

One last tip

Even if I wanted to stay with the lean silhouette, never buy men’s clothes too tight and always keep in mind 3 things at

1-Remove mass;

2-Elongate the silhouette;

3-draw attention to the thorax and face;

Every time you are choosing a clothes ask yourself if she is breaking any of these guidelines, if the answer is positive, you might want to rethink your purchase.