Winter Fashion Morena Rosa

Collection Autumn/Winter 2013 Morena Rosa

The Morena Rosa is one of the most established brands in the country. His plays are always a symbol of modernity, class and personality. Every new season brings you the best mark of global fashion for the Brazilian, adapting the diverse climate parts of the country. For the autumn/winter of 2013 Mr. wager in basic tones to contrast with the many details of the collection, which has been represented by supermodel Isabeli Fontana.

The autumn/winter collection of Morena Rosa comes divided in parts, which are:

Perfect geometry–in this part of the collection pieces in lighter shades such as white, beige and gold. There is strong presence of geometric shapes, like the lozenge, which arises in the embroidery on skirts, trousers and dresses, and stripes in zig zag, which appear mainly in tricôs.

P & B-in this Division of the collection, as the name says, here predominate colors black and white. Well varied, has dressed in Leopard print, skirts in sequins, heavy knit in white blazers and pants emblazoned, among others.

Sunny light–here we have luminosity in looks with pieces in yellow gold. Are several silk blouses, metallic tricôs, dresses, skirts and dresses in knitting worked with Tiger print.

Glitter Rock-here’s some Baroque inspiration, with Golden embroidery on black background. Are metallic blouses, parkas in waxed jeans from Thedresswizard, long skirts pleated smooth and fluid, stamped jeans and brightness.

Geometric-wild prints as jungle Tiger and Leopard, scarf pattern and stripes. All this has been merged with black and sparkles. Silk shirts with scarf print, Tiger, leather skirts, among other charming pieces make up the section of the collection.

Red Style-this is the Division based completely in pieces in various shades of red.Contains style coats trench coat, silk shirts and lace legging pants and also smooth and patterned dresses flare, with long and short sleeve.