Windows Phone Rounds 200,000 Apps

Users of Windows Phone has in the last months could see important and popular apps get into Windows Phone-sized, most recently with Instagram.

But there are indications that some small apps also enters the Store’n, because Microsoft has just announced that the WP is now up at 200,000 apps.

When you look at the graph of number of apps that come into the store, there are a few interesting crack in the basket. The first crack is just over a year ago, where Microsoft reached 150,000 apps in December 2012. Then the growth was somewhat lethargic for about 6 months. But then came a crack more in June 2013 with slightly higher growth and finally here in November there was another crack with even more apps in the store. 

Sluggish growth at the beginning of 2013

Microsoft and Nokia have for a long time been trying to get developers to publish their apps for Windows Phone, when now they already have for Android and iOS. It can be seen at the first crack, in 2012, where Microsoft actually was amazingly quick to reach the 100,000 and 150,000 apps. About Microsoft so rested a bit at bay leaves or focused more on getting Windows Phone 8 updated we do not know, but for about 6 months were very few apps launched and it may very well be due to Microsoft, to a lesser extent helped develop clean with their problems, while Windows Phone still wasn’t quite as prevalent.

Nokia Lumia 520 struck

In april 2013 the first Nokia Lumia 520 models came out in stores and just barely Lumia 520 has proved to be something of a big market in Windows Phone. In Denmark, it was not until June we got Nokia Lumia 520. And June is also exactly where it slowly starts to get time in the increase of the number of apps again.Probably because Lumia 520 now was out in markets where Android’s cheapest models previously was all dominant, but that Lumia 520 now mixed one. When a new ecosystem like Windows Phone turn off stuck in Russia, South America or the Middle East, for example, there will also be a number of new local apps.

In the late summer of 2013 utilized Microsoft launch of Nokia’s Lumia 1020 and 625s to talk with developers and help them further. Help for developers and WPs growing market shares may have given the last crack on the curve here in October. At the same time, the increased growth is due to the fact that Microsoft launched Windows Phone App Studio where you can easily make your own incredible app. Many of these apps might also resemble each other for the same reason as the App Studio also puts limits on how advanced apps one can make.

How do you assess that Windows Phone Store’n will evolve? And quantity is better than quality?