Windows Phone 8-Here Is the News

Microsoft is testing supposedly already now Windows Phone 8.1, with many new exciting features.

Microsoft is preparing right now the next big update that brings Windows Phone to version 8.1

Sources with insight into the plans says, according to The Verge, to Windows Phone 8.1 comes with two significant improvements; a notification center and a speech Assistant à la Apple’s Siri.

Notification Center has been a much requested feature from users, and it should be possible to access the notifications by swipe down from the top, as it also admitted from Android and iOS.

In addition, Microsoft also is testing a personal digital assistant, Cortana, who supposedly should work a little like Siri and Google Now.

Cortana to replace Bing Search, and users will be able to interact with their Assistant both in text and speech.

Windows Phone 8.1 will also contain minor improvements as separate volume control that makes it possible to set different volume of ringtone and media (music and video).

Xbox Music and Video will be spun off as separate applications, while social media such as Facebook will integrate deeper in the system.