Why Leave My Child Say Swear Words

The words entered our House this year and the fault is not the other children of the school whose parents don’t care about their education, as is often. The fault is mine. Or merit, as look.

Obviously, my two children, from seven to five years, knew that the words exist, but never used them at home and would like to think that even in school. They were prohibidisimas. But recently I read an article that made me reconsider my attitude.

In the article the father of a girl explained why she decided to allow her daughter to use swear words.

I read it while I was monitoring the torment of daily, the preparation of the duties of my eldest son, of seven. I woke up the screen and the vi: sad, more desperate with each “come” that I said, trying to stay focused despite the boring task…

I thought that adults have a level of demand with our kids that we don’t have ourselves: We asked them to fulfil their obligations when we postpone them or ignore them, that they are motivated and absurd tasks, which feel straight when we sat and we want to enjoy.

We also understand that we have the right to complain when we love not our job and lose the papers when we are weary, distressed or sad. Our State excuse our behaviour. A school-age child, on the other hand, does not have these luxuries. You have to always behave flawlessly, despite having less self-control tools.

So I decided to make a small gift to my student suffered of a second primary. I called him, took him in her arms and asked him: “Are you sad?”
“Would you like to say a swear word?”

He looked at me bewildered. I explained that adults use the words when we are stressed, help us feel a little better, and that if he wanted to, could try. He came and told me to ear “Jo… (r)”. Then “Wed… a”. She then paused. He laughed. “Then kissed me and told me, also to the ear:”I love you, MOM”.

Things have not changed much at home. The words are still being banned. The duties are still an ordeal for the two. But my son knows now that if necessary you have a magic trick: get closer to my and say a swear word. To the ear, so no one hear it more. It is our secret.