Who Wants to Live in a House on a Lake?

Kungsholmen is a district of Stockholm, but also is a small island on a lake. Can you imagine living in a delightful House surrounded by water? We definitely, Yes. Kalle and Sara, photographers of profession, found this House by chance, went to visit one that did not convince them much. Next door was this duplex, which had not planned to see, but once captured inside the housing potential.

We saw the House in the Swedish Edition of Elle Decoration and light and white floors, windows and walls we loved combined with the dark wood of some of your furniture. The ceilings of the House are high and large, Nordic-style windows, to take advantage of every minute of Sun. The construction in 1905, has generous rooms and a common roof where Kalle and Sara enjoy many dinners during the summer.

The kitchen, living room and dining room are on the ground floor and the bedrooms in the upper. Soils, Whitewood, are dressed with carpets, which give it a warm and friendly touch. The furniture consists of parts of very different styles that blend surprisingly well. Chairs, rattan or steel tubular, industrial-style, kitchen lamps is IKEA and some classic style furniture make up an original and comfortable set.

As it could not be otherwise, the walls dress photographs framed in black and white. One of the most original pieces that we find is the Bookshelf next to the fireplace, custom made and made up of shelves, a desk, ladder and a small Woodshed cannot say that space is not taking advantage of.

I hope you enjoy it as much as us!

Photos: Andrea Papini

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