Which Hand to Wear Watch and Bracelet

Since ancient times, the wearing of jewelry is a sign of status, caste membership and way of demonstrating accumulated welfare. Many things have changed since then but love and affection for all kinds of ornaments, which include bracelet, not decreased during centuries. This is stated reason for the modern woman has increased their desire for self-expression and confidence. Bracelets, especially precious metals, as well as in ancient times, at this present time are not only hands – from the wrist to the elbow and above it, but also ankles.

Assets and the cost of decorations, of course, has not lost its importance, but more often the woman with jewelry seeks to highlight the style and the ability to follow changing fashion. And talking about this decoration as different hoops hands for the modern fashion important to know which hand to wear the bracelet.

Man Bracelet

History knows many examples when the bracelets worn by men and women, probably due to the reason that they were used as our mascot, and only after decoration. Probably come here and wear the so-called rules of fine and fashion accessories. Bracelet gained importance as end image as an element to highlight the elegance of the hands of women and the elegance of human hands.

And if we talk about style, it is important to such factors as the combination of clothing, with the currently selected mode, convenience and even appropriate in a given situation.

It should be noted that modern fashion, as in other matters, and contemporary mores and democratic so fickle that blindly follow recommendations is unlikely to happen.

Still trying to figure out which hand to wear the bracelet. For kids,  according to CentralLEDWatch, it is wise to wear LED Watch at left hand.

Watch and Bracelet

Despite widespread new technology offers a variety of unobtrusive devices to determine the time of day clock is still commonplace to hands. Here why wearing a bracelet in combination with the clock requires some forethought.

Tribute to tradition and habit creates traditional response – bracelet, on the one hand, left or right – you can decide. No if you actively follow the latest fashion trends, you can easily combine and clock and bracelet on one arm.

It’s worth knowing that the left hemisphere of the brain is responsible for logic, analysis, control the ability of speech, writing, memorizing facts, dates, names. Right hemisphere is responsible for emotions, intuition, spatial orientation.

Clock logic is exactly right hand, when the left hemisphere will strengthen the ability to remember dates and facts. In this case, the bracelet is suitable for wearing on the left.

Remember that the left side of the body, including the country is controlled by the right hemisphere, while the right side – left hemisphere. Here why wearing a bracelet on his left hand, will stimulate your intuition, imagination, you have to be creative. And if you wear a bracelet on the right arm, then your logic and analytical skills will rise to a higher level.

In addition, the right side is more active and is always on the right side mind. From will be held bag, clutch or umbrella, model and color for even more charm combined with good color and pattern bracelet. We must not forget fingerprint (colors and images) on clothes.

Bracelet and Clothing

A certain style of clothing and the cut must be combined with hand decorations. For example, a dress or blouse with flat shoulder requires wearing the bracelet on his arm bared shoulders to balance image. Especially that the bracelet can be worn on the hand in upper part – above the elbow.

Photos and fashion shows reports convince us that the bracelets can be worn on the right or left hand, both at the same time, despite all the unwritten rules. Main condition – a combination of clothes and jewelry. With order not to be one man without taste, it is necessary to understand that a large number of bracelets fit more in oriental style clothes, and the harmonious blend into one big bracelets with dress, dress must be elegant.

Bracelets for Men

If you do not adhere to the hypocritical representations on the issue of wearing bracelets men that it is easy to assume that these accessories could complement their way of interesting shtrihiche will add to a more attractive power and sexuality. Especially if apply the effect of contrast – thin ornaments on the brave hands. And it does not matter which hand man with the bracelet, it is important that the precious metals and precious stones and strength underlined the status of the owner and convince others of consistency and independence for women.

Yet the majority of the bracelet can be seen on the right-hand drive men for the simple reason that to give up hours of men harder than women on. If man carries bracelet on his left hand with clock it is better to give preference to a slim and sleek bracelet. Take attention to massive and multiple bracelets are not very aesthetic appearance of the man’s hand, unlike female. Anoint themselves are better suited bracelets made of such materials such as gold, platinum, silver, bone, leather, plastic, tree. While women more choices – from precious materials of the “light” of jewelry from different alloys, glass and ceramics.