Where to Eat Cheese Bread in Bh?

Minas Gerais Brazil apart from fame by collecting account of many talents, who are spread across several segments: music, art, fashion, culture and, of course, cuisine.

How to speak of our people receptive and smiling without experiencing this conviviality around a table tired of temptations? The Brown gravy or chicken with okra, for me was cornmeal, corn cake, Marmalade and cheese, sweet milk and last but not least, the cheese bread. With these tidbits and a good cup of coffee the prose does not have time to finish!a

This delicacy, legitimately mineira is unanimity among tourists and the natural state. Some say that the recipe was invented in the mid-18th century, but no one knows for sure. And have a reputation as big, won a special day. Day August 17 was dedicated to this delicious, so nothing more appropriate than taking a “pedacim” (Yes, a “jeitim” well miner) of your day – preferably in the late afternoon to enjoy a warm cheese bread with coffee!

We know that this dish goes with everything: is stuffed different forms or only accompanied by a manteiguinha, which melts a surreal way as soon as the balls come out of the batch.

He was willing. Then choose where to taste this treasure miner later:


The Verdemar today is a reference of good food and turned into a gourmet Emporium. The market attracts up to tourists and it’s no wonder that the cheese bread of the network already has won 10 times. Just choose your favorite and get out eating that or popcorn, or if you prefer, you can find the frozen product in multiple versions.

-The Cheese Bread

The House has brought new combinations for the famous recipe, which in some options on the menu looks more like a sandwich. Depending on your preference, choose coffee or beer to go with it.

Rua Antonio de Albuquerque, 856-Savassi

-Dona Diva

The Central market of Belo Horizonte is a stronghold of several tasty treats. And there’s the Mistress Diva. Who experiences the recipe of the House soon praises the crispy crust and the irresistible Goldie famous cheese bread, made with the traditional cheese canasta.

Central market-Entering on AV. Augusto de Lima, third hallway on the left. Is the third store.

-Mouth Of The Oven

The Mouth of the oven is spread over BH with their delights and everyone knows the cheese bread that they make. How about tasting the yummy (and big!) in the new Soho store miner kabobs, in Vila da Serra? The location was beautiful and has become point of residents of Belvedere region.

–Bread & Company

Traditional bakery in Belo Horizonte, the House has 5 units, where is possible to taste the Spice at any time of the day at the buffet system;whether for breakfast, afternoon tea or evening snack.

-Coffee With Lyrics

The cool gang of mining capital knows and loves the Coffee with Letters, which has 20 years of history at Savassi and also has a unit in the CCBB.Fame comes at the expense of the environment and cultural programming stripped your always in tune and also for the delicacies that are part of the menu. The tip is try to input the cheese bread, that is served with cheese and apricot jelly canasta. Tasty, huh?

We wish long life to the cheese bread and we hope that local producers continue replicating that recipe delicious, crispy, filled with cheese and stuffed mineiridade. Want to make bread by yourself, see Foodanddrinkjournal.

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