Where Do Fashion Trends Come From

Have you ever wondered how and where trends are born? Have you ever let yourself be inspired by a person who you have accidentally crossed in a moment of your day?

To me often, indeed sometimes I walk around with the intention to let me move from something or someone, and I must say that the stations and the airports are the places where there is a higher concentration of suggestions. It may look really a trivial thing, but it is not so … each of us expresses the emotions and not casually wearing the clothes, they “dress” in fact, live in them, live them, fills them, interprets them. Each of us does this in a very personal, a few more sober manner, someone in a more eccentric, but always very personal and unique.The mixing of styles then … are my favorite trend. I love Asian women who dress like perfect tomboys or gym shoes worn under a dress. Opposites to me are absolutely perfection. I walk around still armed with my camera that I carry in your purse and drew it necessary mercilessly to capture a detail, a purse, a scarf worn in a particular way, a tattered jeans and turned up that combined with the colored espadrilles attracted my attention. Then I come home and rework everything. I have a folder with lots of photos, who kept and then from there arise the inspirations for my outfits … are all small ideas that allow me then to mix my ideas to real facts, I have seen and experienced.


The street style is really a matter that is absolutely huge and appreciated and considered vital in the fashion industry. I do not know if you know the figure of the Cool Hunter, but many companies make use of these people to find what they are geared towards people’s tastes in fashion and to outline future trends.
Cool Hunter = Hunters Trends.
It is the life of all the days in fact, the trends suggest, is the world that generates new, certain behaviors, certain events have an influence on our behavior. The Cool Hunter to be able then to trace in detail the smallest of all the birth of something before it becomes a mass phenomenon, before it is widespread and easy to understand at all; nothing is excluded in their research… in the cities, in the architecture, art, design, cinema, photography, music… everything can be a scenario for the birth of a new trend.
the style is a mixture of feelings and emotions, a “do it yourself” the own closet, something that speaks to us, makes us recognizable even in a boring line at the post.


I think we could attribute the maternity to the “street photography” to babbfashion, a documentary photographer who was born in London and moved to New York because of his work.
Since the dawn of his career is passionate just to ordinary people, that the It conveys emotions and unique sensations. Janette began working for a music magazine and for this reason has the opportunity to capture the Big that depopulated in the 80’s. Parallel is fascinated by the style of street children, those who built the way they bring the clothes no matter what the glossy magazines suggested … and stop them there, on the lens of his trusty camera. Thus began also to move the set of his photo shoots in the street, creating highly suggestive covers and images of who was an icon of music in those years, being able to show it in a different light… maybe less detached from reality.

We therefore suggest that you always look around and do not walk down the street with downcast eyes … anyone can convey an idea, an inspiration, an emotion. Life is full of emotions and ideas, just open your eyes and use them to really look at the world.