When”Nothing” Is All Vuelte. Pedro Del Hierro Madrid

Go from nothing to everything is not easy. The novel by Carmen Laforet, which coincidentally fell on my avid reading networks few months ago between what the wind and, again, 1984, starts in all. Full sleep, enthusiasm and hope of a village girl newly arrived in Barcelona during the post-war period. His mind is filled with everything but his hopes end in nothing. Carmen March, Creative Director of Pierre of Hierro Madrid It has gone the opposite way and it ended in the New York Fashion Week.

A path that began to give close to summer 2014 collection and start singular initiatory pilgrimage which every creator should start. Starting from nothing, a sheet in white, fabrics and colors not determined, empty inspirations and dreams to draw customers by dressing.

She has plunged fully into the world of Andrea, the miseries of his time, famine and disappointment and moved them to an era that if not comparable, may resemble.

The initial chapter of the novel is the initial chapter of the collection of Pierre of Hierro Madrid and on that page it begins an initiatory journey to a fashion of exquisitely revised postwar, proudly makes femininity and a mildly tuned hard materials.

“More than anything else – explains Carmen March, What inspired me was a sense of hope.”

The optimism is stained with the Rainbow of Green malachites, Blue and roses that appear in a heaven in which gray, black and Burgundy influence your tosca in a snowy as the Manhattan landscape.
Remember my years in New York is to recall the icy cold of a few colors that are not dulcificaban until well into April. However the colors in this collection are all less icy.

The femininity of the masculine is sublime, the revised dimensions with skirts over pants or fishing wide leg pants are more palatable and have an ability to convert in high chic garments, overlays, and fabrics that were not born as elitist but become such.