WhatsApp Exceeds The 100 Millions of Downloads in Google Play

One of the essential applications on any smartphone is, without a doubt, WhatsApp. Many people even buy you a smartphone to have this wonder of messages for free anywhere. As well, this messaging application has exceeded the 100 million downloads in Google Play.

Perhaps for being the first, since there is another bunch of applications trying to make shadow, is that enjoys better health. Up to 10,000 million messages per day endorse him, since they exceeded 1,000 billion a year ago.

And not just in Android, since it is estimated that they could reach 200 million facility if one takes into account the rest of the platform, including iOS, Blackberry OS, Symbian or Windows Phone.

As I say, is perhaps not the best application in this regard, but it is ‘ that everyone uses ’. This is why you will forgive the already usual drops of network, as which yesterday struck service.