What to Wear with a White Cardigan

White wool coats come in a variety of forms and formats; they are not defined in the your own style or age. They are timeless pieces that can be worn during the chilly summer nights or long, cold winters. Loose fitted ones tighter and hotter models, here are two suggestions for how and what to wear white wool coat.

White cardigans are a fashion must haves, a necessity. These pieces look good in different patterns and colors, but the most important thing is that the white looks good on every skin tone, so it will flatter your face, and the outfit. If you have any doubts, feel free to ask thefreegeography.com in the comment section or give us suggestions on how to make this gorgeous piece to show more and more.

Keep it Casual

A pair of skinny jeans and a tank top with a bold color looks more relaxed and stylish oversized white cardigan. A pair of biker boots and an interesting switch of rock & roll style, you’ll have an outfit for you to wear when you are going to a concert or a movie. you can use the statement necklace of gold, while during the day you need a pair of trendy sunglasses.

  • Studded Biker Boots
  • Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses
  • Top
  • Jeans
  • Stella McCartneypussi
  • Cardigan


Take the skater dress and classier and more mature outfit posh jacket in white. This outfit is both girly and elegant, and you can use it pretty much anywhere. It looks like a bit of a romantic, so you can use it to go on a date. A couple of thick earrings it looks trendy, so it is a great choice for the party. Ballet flats are always a good choice, because they are comfortable, if you want to use this outfit when you’re shopping with your best friends.

  • OWL Drop Earrings
  • Lizzy Hobo
  • Ballet Pumps
  • Viyella White Cardigan
  • NARS Lifehuulikiilto, a large Than
  • OASIS Strappy Dress, a Tribal Sun

Business Woman

When you mix the two timeless and priceless pieces, such as a white cardigan and pencil skirt in black, you can get a perfect outfit for long hours in the office. Add a collar necklace to create even more of a polished look and hot pumps to show off a strong feminine side. White and black are always a good choice for an elegant but not extravagant look.

  • Hand bag
  • Moschino Cheap & amp; Chic Jersey Pencil skirt
  • Pumps
  • Collar Necklace
  • LKBennett Cardigan
  • Croco-textured Bracelet Set
  • Alice + Olivia Top

Create Contrast

If you like the more daring outfits, this is the look for you. The geometry of a printed skirt and electric blue courtesy white wool coat, in which case the whole outfit look good on some formal occasions. Use it for a wedding or party, either way you’ll look posh but not overdressed.

  • Diane von Furstenberg Platform Sandal
  • Tab Chic Babs Gusseted Water Coin
  • Top
  • Skirt
  • Astley Clarke Color IonianSaaret Enamel Bracelet
  • Lancômen Lip Gloss
  • Cardigan

Fleet and Mint

Pick the best of the summer season trends, in order to create this original and stylish look. Jumpsuit, inspired by the Navy and white Cardigan look even more fashionable if you use these pieces with Mint. You can use this extra color to your wedge sandals and a matching clutch. For a more elegant look, choose a big gold hoop earrings and a pair of oversized sunglasses. The whole outfit is inspired by the 70’s, so you can add a big floppy hat day or daring lipstick for summer nights.

  • Cardigan
  • Marc Jacobs sunglasses
  • VC Wedges
  • Mint fold Clutch
  • Jumpsuit
  • Kate Spade Hoop Earrings

Beach Romance

Maxi dress is a summer favorite clothes. Use it as a pair of Gladiator sandals and beach bag. Add some color to the entire show for a couple of hot red or blue sun glasses and remember that you can dress up a maxi dress a cute little white Cardigan. Just imagine having a romantic walk on the beach in this outfit. It makes a guy fall in love with you all over again.

  • Gucci Sunglasses
  • Tote Bag
  • Gladiator Sandal
  • Vivienne Westwood Cropped Cardigan
  • Louche Electra Maxi Dress